Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man

January 31, 2008 seems like it was yesterday.  I can remember that day so clearly...every single detail. I am blown away at how fast the last 3 years has flown by.  Especially the last year.  My little man is 3 today! How is that even possible?  

Dane is a character.  It's hard to put into words how funny, strong willed, talkative, smart, inquisitive, playful, stubborn, imaginative, silly and how much of a little man he has become lately.  

He says funny things like every couple minutes, keeps us laughing all the time.  He also challenges us every day with how independent he wants to be, and test our boundaries and patience on a daily basis.  For the most part he is easy going, goes with the flow and adapts to change easily.  But, he does have an obsessive side as well, where he wants his toys in certain spots, or has to carry certain toys with him where ever he goes, or is picky about certain shirts etc.  

He knows all his colors, and all his shapes.  Numbers he knows half of the time, but always leaves out number 2. His favorite number used to be 2..he would want 2 of everything, but now that has changed to the number 5.  If he asks for snacks or toys he will always say I want 5.  He knows most of the words to Jesus loves Me, Happy Birthday Song, Row Row your Boat, The Wheels on the Bus, a Clean Up Song etc.  Dane still has hoarding tendencies, and can never leave the house without a couple toys, usually cars.  And he LOVES to put toys in his pockets now.

Cars is still his all time favorite thing.  He has gotten a recent interest in monster trucks, and loves the race track he got for Christmas and the one for his birthday.  Dinosaurs, Super Heros, anything Toy Story, blocks, remote control cars, action figures are toys that are played with every day.  

Loves to ask questions about what things are, or what they actually do.  He will have a car and point to the wheels and say "what's this called" "what's this do" then point to the bumper and ask the same questions, and then point to the head light etc etc.  Lots of questions all day, curious about how things work, and wants to know names of everything.  Loves to take things apart, and see how things work.  
He can be very mischievous at times, but uses his cuteness to make us smile when he is in trouble.  Just recently found that he had colored on our kitchen tile with bright blue crayon.  When I asked him if he did it, he proudly said Yes I did.  And I said Dane why did you color on the floor? Then he got a sad face, put his head down and said "That was bad".  Yes very bad! :)

Some funnies that he says-
-If you ask him where something is he will say "Um, It's probably in the..."
-When making Cinnamon rolls- "HMMMM that smells delicious"
-"watch where you are going"
-one day we were sitting at the table and out of nowhere he said "What are you thinking?"
-he will ask a question that you think he doesn't know the answer to, and he will say "Yep, that's right"
-when he is hungry and you suggest something for him to eat he says "Um, how about..." and its usually cookies or something sweet
-"Have you seen my ???" daddy? buzz? etc
-"you wanna play with me?" (gets me every time)
-"yummy in my tummy"
- if you want him to eat something he doesn't want he will say "ooooh that's disgusting"
-when I hurt my back didn't realize he had heard me say this, but he came into the kitchen holding his back and said "my back hurts, I need medicine"
-I heard him playing with his action figures and he said "what are you looking at SuperMan?"
-all time favorite... sometimes he will say "Ok, what-ev-er" and it's usually not when talking to us, but when pretending with his toys.

He is such a joy and a huge blessing to us.  We love you little man!! 
Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!

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