Saturday, January 22, 2011

Houston we have a problem

I have been loving this COLD weather, like really loving it.  You don't hear too many Texans saying that they enjoy when the weather gets into the 40's or even better the 30's.   But, I LOVE when it is cold, and I am not one of those people who look forward to the summer time.  Because our summers here are blistering hot and miserable.  I would much rather be able to layer my clothing and take off as I get warmer than to be wearing practically nothing and sweating to death in the heat.  But, that's just me.
So, when the weatherman says we have a cold front coming this weekend, and it might freeze and you hear everyone complaining about the cold weather, you will see me jumping for joy!! I love throwing on a sweat shirt or jacket with a scarf.  I just wished we would get more of these cold days here.  I would love to have actual seasons.  You know like Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  Instead of having 5 or 6 really cold days, a handful of days in the 70's and then the rest of the year like summer weather.  But, that isn't going to happen here in the Big city of Houston.

Which brings me to talk about how Kevin and I always say that we don't know why we live in Houston.  Neither one of us just love living here.  Besides the fact that there are lots and lots of Tex-Mex restaurants which as you know is what I survive by, and of course my friends that I have here there isn't a whole lot that we like about Houston.  I moved to the Houston area in 2003, when I got accepted into Radiation therapy school after college.  2003?? Wow, has it really been that long?

Yesterday as I literally sat in non-moving bumper to bumper traffic on my way home from work I started thinking of the top 10 reasons why I'm not a Houston Fan. I called Kevin and he came up with several to add to my list as well.   Hey- It took me a hour and half to drive 22 miles, so had lots of time on my hands, needed something to entertain myself without getting road rage.

So, here is our 10 top List of why we are sick of no particular order
**Disclaimer** I know there are pros to Houston, and its not a horrible place to live... we are just in a Houston Rut!

  1. The Obvious... TRAFFIC.  It doesn't matter what time of the day there is always traffic in Houston.  It takes me 18 minutes to get to work in the mornings when I leave at 5:30 AM to be there by 6, but the days that I have to be at work at 7:00, I have to leave my house by 6, and it usually takes me the entire hour to get there.  On the way home it always takes me anywhere from an hour to an hour and 45 mins just to go 22 miles.  Drives me crazy.  But, it's the price to pay when living in the Burbs and working in the city.  
  2. As I stated earlier the heat.... It is an inferno here 11 1/2 months out of the year.  The summers are BRUTAL... lots of 90ish - 100's degree weather.  Plain and's just HOT and HUMID all the time.  
  3. It takes forever to get anywhere.  Across town is literally ACROSS TOWN.  To go to one side of Houston the other could take an hour or much longer depending on the time of day.  Everything is so SPREAD out, so it makes it hard to go from one part of town to the other side.  The city is spread out, but the houses are on top of each other in the burbs, and in the city.  You feel like your neighbor's house is attached to yours. 
  4. Even though Houston is HUGE, we just don't feel like there is a lot to do here.  I know that sounds crazy, but besides the bar scene there's just not a lot of fun events to attend, or if there is something going on it's always on the other side of Houston from where you are. Wish there were more festivals, concerts, amusement parks etc.  Kevin wishes there was better places for music... like blues, jazz or Cajun as examples.
  5. Houston is just ugly.  Sorry, don't wanna offend people, but for real it's not a pretty city.  There are billboards everywhere and no character to the city. I hate that every single inch of the city is covered with buildings, apartments etc.  No land to make pretty scenery.  Oh, and pollution, guess that falls into this category. 
  6. It's not a walking city what so ever.  Everywhere that you go you are forced to drive, which leads back to traffic.  I love how other big cities everything is close together, so you can just walk to the store, movies or wherever you are wanting to go.  And it's too hot to be a walking city, really.  Who wants to walk around town when the weather is 110 degrees.  
  7. Every business is a chain type business.  There are no ma/pa type places or family owned restaurants here.  No outdoor cafes, or places that "everyone knows your name".  I miss the small town feel.  And in the burbs here it still lacks the small town feel. 
  8. Poor public transportation.  With how big this city is there should be some sort of subway/train system besides the Metro Rail.  It would help tremendously with traffic.
  9. Everything is just big here.  The churches are big. Schools are big.  There are SOO many high schools in our area, and all of them are just HUGE.  I get nervous thinking about sending Dane to one of these schools and he just getting lost in the shuffle.  It's hard to connect and make friends when you feel like you are just lost in the thousands.  
  10. No good water front areas.  Galveston Beach which would be the closest and let's face it, it's a nasty dirty beach. I can only handle maybe one visit a year there, and never step foot into the water while there.  No real big Lakes here either, besides Lake Conroe but that's man made. 
  11. Have to add one more just to be funny...All of Houston's sport teams suck... hehe
So, who knows what will happen through the years and where we will end up.  I can put money that we probably won't be here forever.

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JAJ said...

Austin has everything you want AND Kevin could work at UT, ha...the traffic can be annoying, but at least it's a smaller "big" city. ;)