Friday, January 28, 2011

I VOW to NEVER make sugar cookies AGAIN

Why do I do this to myself?  Why can't I just be one of those moms who just has a cake and presents for their kids birthday??? Nooooo, I have to come up with all these things to add to my to-do list just to make myself feel like Dane is having a great party.  Maybe it's because I just love birthdays, and when I come up with a theme and see all these cute ideas I feel like I need to do them also.  I don't feel like I am an obsessive type person.  I don't have to have things a certain way, or things in our house don't have to be in certain spots. I'm not really a planner, and can't say I am overly organized.  I'm low maintenance for the most part, and go with the flow. But, planning birthday parties and taking and editing pictures I would have to admit are the two areas in my life I tend to be obsessive over.  Kevin can vouch for me on this.  WHY??  Dane isn't going to care.  He just wants presents and cake and would be totally content.

So, today I made sugar cookies, and colored icing... they didn't turn out as pretty as the picture on the package... and they kind of look like maybe I let Dane ice them.  So, I guess I should have said that Dane did them. hehe Oh well.  Hopefully, they taste better than they look.   And what a mess to make sugar cookies.  UGGG.  It took me forever to get all the flour cleaned up.  Never again.

Until next year. :)

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