Friday, January 14, 2011

National Delurking Day

I just found out from a couple blogs that I read that today is NATIONAL DELURKING DAY, so I decided to copy it here on my blog!   

What is Delurking Day you ask?? Yes, it is a REAL Day!  Well, it is a day in the blogging world that means if you are reading this blog and never comment, then today is the day to comment!  Please leave a comment and let me know who you are?  where are you from? Tell me what you love about my blog, why you read it,  how did you find it?  do we have a mutual friend?  what is interesting about my blog? It doesn't matter what your comment is about, just as long as you comment! 

 So, come out from your lurking days, and let me know who is actually reading this blog!! And who knows, you might just like commenting and do it more often!!! :)

Who's going to be the 1st one to come out of hiding????

1 comment:

Robin Lamprecht said...

I was fixing to leave a comment the other day. I have never done it. Then I chickened out. I read your blog daily. I'm family so that's how I got connected. Love to keep up with Dane since we live not exactly close. I also love looking at your photography and keeping up with family events. What is interesting also about your blog, is besides not having children I and Tommy used to blow and go all the time like yall do but now since we're 40 something we've slowed down a lot!! I wonder what is wrong with us and then I just think, we're getting old.older I mean.