Sunday, January 16, 2011

One VOTE can make a DIFFERENCE!

Are you ready to see Dane's new hair cut??????????

Ok, but there's a catch.  If you want to see his new do, then you HAVE to vote on my poll!!
just kidding, but I would greatly appreciate it.   My last assignment didn't go over that well.  No one wanted to participate...I get it, it's ok.  :(
 But, today's participation is so simple, and your name won't be attached to it.   All you have to do is click on one bubble to answer the question for my poll.  Just look on the right side of my blog, and pick which answer you want...that's it!! I won't know who answered,  it will just show the stats for each answer.  It's just for fun, PEOPLE!! :)

Now go out there and VOTE!

Introducing the Man of the Hour, the one and only blue eyed dimple faced super Hero in training, and Lightening McQueen's biggest fan..............

***insert drum rolls***




1 comment:

The Momoh Family said...

Love the HAIR!!!! I mean it!! Looks Great!! That's how I wish all boys would wear their hair instead of that shaggy Justin Beiber hair. Anyway- just want you to know looks GREAT!!