Monday, January 31, 2011

Presents Galore

The presents didn't stop for the little man after his party.  He still had a few to open here at home.  Grandpa and Grandma weren't able to come from New York to Dane's party, so we saved their presents and let Dane open them in front of them via skype.  He loves talking to his grandparents on the computer.  He laughs a lot and does a lot of showing off and being silly.  He got a cute shopping cart with play food, an outfit and a dinosaur that roars!  The shopping cart is perfect for his "hoarding" tendencies!! haha An Easy way to carry all his favorite toys all through the house! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!! He loves them!!!

just a side note... look at how skinny his legs have gotten!! What happened to those fat rolls that he had for so long!! 
We also had presents from Kevin's grandmother and Aunt Barby from New Orleans that Dane got to open as well! He was in Hog Heaven!! Both were Toy Story toys, which we all know he loves!! He was one happy boy with getting to open all these presents!!! Thank you so much Aunt Barby and Great Grandma for thinking of the little man on his birthday!!! 

and I guess I should add that he didn't have pants on at all yesterday...and no pull ups.  He wore underwear all day and had no accidents!! YEAH!! He did so good and was so proud of himself.  
But, Everyday is a new day, because he refused to use the potty at all today.  *sigh*

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