Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Roller Coaster That Never Ends...

It just goes on and on my friend-

What a crazy past few days.  We have been back and forth to Beaumont to visit my sister.  It's been extremely stressful and emotional.  We have gotten so much information regarding her status, my mom and her husband have had to make some very hard decisions, and her status has gone from one extreme to the other literally every couple hours.  On Saturday morning we drove down to see her, and when we were about 30 minutes away I got a phone call that she had made a turn for the worst.  We really didn't think we were going to make it in time.  It was extremely hard to see her the way she was, knowing that "the time" was near.  Well, literally a couple hours later the nurse came out to get us and let us know that she had improved, and all her levels had leveled back out.  We have had these kind of ups and downs for over a week now.  It's hard.  You start to prepare yourself for the worse, then literally in a blink of an eye things seem better and you regain hope.

Right now, and the past 2 days she has improved slightly more and more.  Right now she is doing better, still critical but once again we have hope.  So please continue to pray for her.  Today she actually responded to my mom by opening her eyes slightly, and nodding her head when asked questions.  Her blood pressure is now stable without the help of medication, and her oxygen level is in a normal range now.  But, her lungs haven't gotten any better.  We are ready for this roller coaster to end!! But, I am trusting that God has a plan and I want his will to be done.


It's been so busy that we literally just took our Christmas decorations down today.  This is the 1st year that our decorations haven't been taken down by New Years Day.  But, it just hasn't been a priority.  Dane got upset today as I started putting everything away.  He made the comment "No, put Christmas away. I want presents!" lol hilarious.  But, then I quickly reminded him that his birthday is less than 3 weeks away! And he is very excited! So, with all that is going on with my sister I have been busy getting ready for his party as well and trying to make some decorations.  He is having a super hero party, and he is just besides himself with all super hero stuff he is seeing. I think he is going to have a blast this year.    He totally gets the whole birthday thing this year.  And I am in total denial that he is about to be 3.  This past year has gone by SOOO fast.

On top of all this craziness I threw my back out a few days ago.  Seriously I felt like an 80 year old woman.  I have no idea how I did it...thinking maybe from stress.  But, Sunday I spent the entire day doped up on medication and with patches on my back that smelt like Ben Gay.  Not a good situation.  I'm really hoping that this year gets better.  For real.


Just Because:
One of the most common questions we get asked (besides when we are going to give Dane a sibling) is if Dane is potty trained.  Why so many people feel the need to ask, and then make a face when we say no is beyond me.  But, we get asked by everyone when they see Dane, and then people always offer up suggestions or advice.  So, here you go... NO Dane is not potty trained.  Are we trying? YES - Do we offer awards, or try different methods? YES - Is he capable? YES - Does he want to? SOMETIMES - Do we punish him when he doesn't? NO - Are we worried about it? NO - Are there kids that are younger than him that are? YES - Will he be in kindergarten and still in diapers? I HOPE NOT--- :)
It's a control thing I think with him.  If it is his idea then he is all about it.  But, if he thinks we want him too then he will refuse every time.  He wants to at random times.  But, I don't stress myself with it.  I know every child is different, and I know for a fact that he will learn to do it every time eventually.
So here's a potty picture of my cute lil man.  love it!

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