Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Hero Party

We survived the party! It was a little stressful leading up to it, but all in all the party was a success.  Dane woke up that morning at the crack of dawn in the most crabbiest, whiniest meltdown of all meltdowns mood.  Nothing was pleasing him, and I thought I was going to be bald from pulling my hair out.  Not a good way to start the birthday party day. Thankfully, my family got to the restaurant early to help me set up, and really just calm my nerves.  I wouldn't say I was nervous, but just so frazzled from the morning stress.  
Dane and Kevin arrived a little later, and Dane was not happy that I had used some of his super hero toys to decorate, and he wanted to open his presents right then! Kept thinking this party would end up as a big fat disaster.  But, luckily as guest started to arrive his mood eventually changed to excitement and he was all good from then on.  
I think what helped his mood was when my friend Dallas arrived and she snuck him a cookie as they sat under a table to hide!! Hilarious! All of a sudden I had a moment of panic when my child was MIA, and then saw feet hanging out of a table, and there they were munching on cookies!!  Good one Dallas! I kept catching him afterwards under the table with more and more cookies.  I think he was up to 4, when I had caught on to what was going on! 
We had masks for all the kids to wear.  Really didn't expect them to like them as much as they did, but the majority of them wore them the entire time.  The party was at Clay's Restaurant in Houston, and it was the perfect place.  Huge area to play outside with hills of sand, and animals to feed.  The party room overlooked the play area, so the grown ups were able to stay inside and visit while watching their kids.  Everyone ordered food when they arrived, and I have to say their burgers were delicious! Dane was pretty anxious to open his presents, so we let him do that pretty soon when the party started.  He got tons of great things! And he was very excited with each present, wanting us to open them immediately.  It's hard with January get an explosion of toys just a month before, and then turn around and do it again in January.  But, he is set for the doubt.  We had cupcakes and cookie cake for dessert.  Dane stood like a deer in headlights when we sang Happy Birthday, but was very thrilled to blow out the candles.  The problem was he thought the star candle was candy, and kept trying to eat it.  We all were on sugar overload halfway through the party.   
We let the kid splay outside the 2nd half of the party and take turns hitting a Batman pinata.  I think all the kids had a blast, I know Dane did. The kids were filthy and sweaty when it was time to go...think that's a good sign that they had fun! I'm so thankful for all that came! Meant a lot, and made it so much fun.  

My sweet friend Dallas took over my camera so I could just be "present" at the party and enjoy it without having a lens up to my eye every 5 seconds.  Thank you Dallas!! I have tons of pictures and she really captured the day.  I made several collages because there are just so many that I wanted to share.  There are probably just as many that didn't make it on the collages as well!! I figured 9 collages were plenty. :)
It was a great day, a lot of fun and I think a huge success.  Dane had a blast wearing his super hero cape the entire day, and he actually wore the mask quite a bit as well!! and I think all the work I did on the decorations turned out ok, so I was happy about that.  

If you click on each collage it will make them bigger, and you can view the pictures better.  

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