Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TGIW (Thank Goodness it's Wednesday)

It's been a long week. I worked my 3 long days in a row, which I absolutely hate to do, but today is my Friday and I am off until next Wednesday.  YEAH! My days off always seem to fly by.  I really hate that.  But, I love that with my job I get 6 days off in a row every month.  Perfect time to get caught up on everything, and spend lots of QT with the little man. 

Nothing much going on other than getting ready for the big birthday party that is happening this Saturday.  Tomorrow I hope to get my house clean and finish up on all the last minute errands I need to do.  I have several girlfriends coming into town Friday and Saturday, along with some family so I am really looking forward to spending time with everyone and hanging out.  And of course, eating my fair share of cupcakes!

This is how we found Dane a little while ago.  He was watching cartoons, or so we thought.  Kevin went in the room to tell him it was time for bed, and found that the little man didn't need to be told.  He was out cold.  Didn't even budge when Kevin picked him up.  

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