Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who's Butt Day?? Dane's Butt Day

Dane is so excited about his birthday party that is approaching faster than I want it too.  I had originally said that I was going to make his party VERY SIMPLE, and not stress about any of it.  Last year the party was at our house, and by the time that day arrived I was completely stressed out and like a crazy person.  So, I told myself that this year would not be like that.  I was going to make it simple, and not have decorations that I had to make, and it was not going to be at our house.  Well, the only thing I stuck with is not having it at my house.  I reserved a party room at a fun restaurant, but just couldn't turn away from all the fun decorations.  So, of course we are 2 weeks away, and I can feel myself starting to stress about all the details! Why do I do this to myself??? I love to plan parties, and love to make cute decorations, but my OCD and perfectionist qualities start to appear during times like this.  I think I need some counseling! HA
I just hope that it all falls together... how the vision in my head looks!

I ordered him a cape with his name on it for his party, and when it arrived today you would have thought I had hung the moon.  He was estastic and wanted to put it on immediately.

The last couple days I have been asking him about his party, so I decided to video him because it's just too cute how excited he is.  This video is several videos from yesterday and today cut down into one.  I ask him the same questions over and over, so it is a little redundant but I just love to hear him talk about it.  He cracks me up how he says Birthday and super hero.  If you listen closely you will hear it, not as clearly as it sounds in person though, but still funny.  "Dane's Butt Day" "Having a Super Ho Party" hilarious! And I love when he starts singing "Spider Man, Spider Man".  I love this little man!

**please excuse his "crazy I look like a homeless kid" hair.  It's getting cut tomorrow! It's out of control!!  And please excuse the mess that surrounds him.  Going to blame that on being out of commission with my broke back.  Um, Yeah.  Just keeping it real, ya know.


Sarah said...

Happy Butt Day to you, Dane! Enjoy your SuperHo Potty. Too cute!

Kelli said...

Hilarious! I love that! We can't wait to go to his Super Ho Butt day party! So cute!