Monday, January 17, 2011

Wonder Wild and Update

We got to have some fun today since today just happened to be one my off days from work and Kevin had the day off thanks to Martin Luther King Day.  We spent couple hours at a place called Wonder Wild.  Dane had an absolute blast climbing, jumping, running, sliding etc. We wanted to do something fun, it had been a while since we did something fun as a family.  And Dane's been a tad clingy lately, so we thought he needed some quality time with us and our undivided attention.  After we wore him out quite a bit we went to McAlister's Deli to have lunch.  I had the best Basil Parmesan Chicken Panini and a small baked potato.. it was so yummy that I think I might have to get it again.. like tomorrow! Ha
Ended the day with errands, but I think we can chalk up today as great fun!


So, I haven't updated about my sister in a while.  Really before today not much had changed.  Last week the doctors told us that she wasn't going to live through the night.  Then when she did we were told that she wouldn't make it through the week.  The prognosis was as bad as it could possibly be.  Really the only thing the doctors said that she had going for her was that she was young.  Well, we made it through last week.  This week she has started to improve little by little.  Before today, everything was starting to improve but her lungs.  They weren't looking any better, and that is a major problem.
But, the Lord hears prayers.  We got a better update today.  We are thankful for the small little improvements. We got good news about her lungs, but did get some bad news as well. Here is an email that my mom sent to people she knows is praying...

It's been over two weeks since Crystal was put in ICU with SepsisToday brought some good news/bad news.  Good news is that  her lungs are showing signs of improvement!!!  This is the first time we have received good news about her lungs.  It's not a big improvement, but improvement is healing!!
Bad news is that she has an extensive blood clot in her right arm.  It's causing her arm and hand to swell and there are small blisters coming up.  Dr. had to discontinue blood thinners due to her platelet count dropping.  Blood thinners are used to treat blood clots.  They have resumed now that her platelets are better.   This of course can be very dangerous. They are starting to bring down the sedation so that she can work harder to breath on her own.  Respirator is now at 60% instead of 100%.  She responds with nods when she is asked yes/no questions and she even trys to mouth "I love you" , but of course it's hard when you have something down your throat.  She is even watching TV a little between snoozing. She is still critically ill, but God is answering prayer.  Thanks so much for all the prayers, phone calls, texts,  and visits.  I tell Crystal all the time about all of you praying, etc. for her. 
Keeping praying.....

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