Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Know What's a GREAT SIGHT???

When you are starving and walk into the kitchen and see this....

I love that Kevin isn't afraid to cook.  Love it.  For real, LOVE IT!!!
I don't say it enough... I reeled in a GREAT FISH!

You know what else is a great sight... when you see these sitting on the island waiting to be put in the oven

Sister Schubert's Warm & Serve Parker House Style Yeast Rolls... if you haven't had these you are MISSING out.  They are frozen rolls that just have to be put in the oven for lil while, but let me just tell you they are AWESOME!!!!! I got hooked on these one thanksgiving when my mom instead of making rolls grabbed these... They were a HUGE hit, and I think she started using these from then on out.  They haven't been cooked yet in this picture, but seriously if you haven't had them you need to make a trip to Kroger, and get you SUM!!

We have been laying low the last couple days.  Little man has been under the weather.  Got a call yesterday while he was in school that he had to be picked up because he was running fever.  So, today we spent the day at the house trying to get him well, so he can go back to his school tomorrow and Friday.  He doesn't act all that sick, besides running fever.  Lots of energy today!  I guess it's better for him to be sick this week/wknd instead of next weekend!! Got get him well before his party next Sat!!

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