Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Yr Well Check

We went to see Dane's pediatrician today for his 3 year Wellness checkup.  I wasn't sure how this visit was going to go, since I knew he was going to have to get a vaccine.  Since he is older now he knows what is going on, and is fully aware so I had prepared myself to have to hold him down while he kicked and screamed.  I talked it up on the way to the doctor's office.  I kept telling him that we were going to see his doctor, he would have to get a shot, it would hurt for  just a little while, and then we would go get a chocolate shake afterwards.  He actually seemed excited in the car.  Which meant he had no idea what a shot was, so I was little nervous.

But, the visit went GREAT! He cooperated with everything the doctor and nurse needed him to do.  When it came time for the shot, I re-enforced everything we had talked about in the car, and he just laid on back for the nurse with no fight.  He had no idea what was in store.  :(  She did the shot really fast.  He kind of got this mad look on his face and said real loud "OWWW OWWW, THAT HURT", but never cried.   He then said kind of in a pouty way " I don't like shots" :( poor little guy.  But, I was proud of him, couldn't believe there was no fight or tears.  The nurse told him she was sorry for giving him the shot, and he said "It's ok! Now we get a chocolate shake" pretty cute.

Here are his latest stats:

At birth
7 lbs 5 oz 20 inches long

1 year
22 lbs 9 oz 29 inches long

18 months
25 lbs 1.2 oz 32 inches long

2 years and 2 months27 lbs 8.6 oz 34 inches long

3 years
30 lbs 8 oz 36 inches long

Still about in the 50% for weight, and about 35% for height.  The doctor said he was equally proportionate and he was growing how he should be.  He did say that his growth has hit a slow phase and has leveled out a little.  But, all in all he is a healthy 3 year old, and has developed just how he should.  It's what I like to hear!

Doesn't he look so grown here!! :(

This was where he wanted to put his stickers he got from Doctor's office.  

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Robin Lamprecht said...

That pic sure does look grownup. Glad he got a good report. We may just have a professional swimmer in the family. So when is the in ground swimming pool coming?!!