Friday, February 4, 2011

A Big Fat Huge Disappointment

It was a GOOD thing Houston freaked out the way they did.  I mean if they wouldn't have CAN you IMAGINE how we would have survived the snow storm that we got last night????

We woke up to the BIGGEST pile of snow we have ever seen...

Oh, wait you can't see it??  Here let me zoom in a little for you.

What's that?? You still can't see it...Let's try this
I tried to take a picture of the Snowman that we built with all this snow, but it was just WAAAAYYYY too big for the picture.

Just another reason why I love Houston soooo much... The one day out of the entire year we are promised snow and HOUSTON definitely DELIVERS!

*** Insert sarcasm and eye rolls while reading this***

1 comment:

Robin Lamprecht said...

Same in Orange. To think weathermen make 100K yearly.