Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great Weekend

Sunday evening is here again.  It always comes so quickly. I hate that the weekends always fly by.  Whoever created the calendar should have made the weekends longer.  :) This weekend can be chalked up to a low key weekend, but one of the best ones in a long time.  Friday having the day to myself was just great.  I hate to say that because it sounds so selfish, but I really needed some me time to recharge.  The day couldn't have been more perfect.  Saturday was all about the 3 of us spending quality time together.  We went to the galleria that morning to get Kevin a couple shirts for our trip, and we let Dane play at the indoor playground there for over an hour.  Kevin's not much of a shopper, but for some reason he enjoyed it, or maybe he was just enjoying spending time with me.  ha  We came home and while Dane napped Kevin and I cuddled and watched a movie.  We haven't done this in forever, so it was just nice to actually relax together while watching a chick flick.  We spent the afternoon outside listening to mellow music, having a couple glasses of wine while Dane played.  It was just a nice evening, plain and simple.  Once Dane was in bed Kevin and I continued listening to all our favorite songs while talking and catching up with one another.  We even had a moment where we were dancing in our living room.  All I can say is Good times! Saturday was just the perfect day, for real.   I spent the evening today at a baby shower and got to hang out with some fun girls, and spend a couple hours laughing and having a good time.  I had a great weekend, wish we had more weekends just like this one.  

Dane's caravan with his 100+ cars.  Still obsessed with cars, and plays with them every single day.  I think Kevin helped him with this creation. 
spent lots of  time playing in one of Dane's favorite places... the back of Kevin's truck.   He likes the back of the truck as much as he likes to play in our bathtub... A LOT!
playing with his cars, racing them on the ridges of the bed of the truck

Dane is WAY to big for this swing, but anytime that we are out in our courtyard he begs us to let him swing.    He says to Kevin that he wants to go "Way High", and then he puts his hands up and tries to touch the ceiling.  

Kevin's ipod that literally has more songs on it than I have pictures! That's A LOT of music!!   I live with a music buff

the next couple pics are blurry, but I really like them bc it shows how much Dane likes to swing.

No matter how hard Kevin pushes him he wants to go higher.  

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JAJ said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Um, I am so jealous y'all are going to NYC. ;)