Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Sophie

Yesterday we celebrated Dane's girlfriend, Sophie's birthday.  We had to wake Dane up from a nap when it was time to go, and when we told Dane where we were going he had a Big  Little meltdown.  "I don't wanna go to Sope's potty, I wanna go to Dane's Super Man's potty".  How quick he forgot about his amazing party from last weekend.  But, by the time we were in the car his attitude changed, and he was excited to tell his girlfriend Happy ButtDay, and eat cake.  Sophie had a Dora themed party this year.  When she started opening all of her presents Dane was quietly observing.  And then halfway through he said real loud "Sope only got GIRL TOYS".  I'm afraid she did get nothing but cutesy outfits and princess dolls and things with bling and glitter.  Sorry little man.  But that didn't stop him from having a great time.  We caught him laying on the floor playing with her princess castle, with all the little princesses  people, and he had his fair share of time hanging out in the bright pink girlie camping tent. We got to eat some yummy Dora cake, and of course a Gonzalez party isn't complete without some pinata action.   The weather was amazing, a perfect day to have a birthday party.  Dane had a great time, and of course the adults did as well since we got to do a lot of socializing.
It's fun having Dane's friends birthdays so close together!! Next up is Dane's Best friend, Gage!

Happy 3rd Birthday Sophie!!

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