Saturday, February 12, 2011

Date Night

Last night was great.  We had a perfect romantic evening that couldn't have gone better.  Kevin came home from work with some lovely flowers, a sweet card and a gift card to Charming Charlie's and was ready to wine and dine me.   

We had dinner at Shoguns, a Japanese restaurant where they cook your food on a grill in front of you.  I love the atmosphere of those type of restaurants, and the food is always delicious.  After dinner we went to D'Vine to have a glass of wine and ate some dessert.  It was so nice to have a night to ourselves and go somewhere romantic.  We don't get to have these kind of dates too often, and we took total advantage of it.  I love that Kevin is all about doing romantic things like this.  I love him!

So, where's the pictures of Kevin and I on our date?? Well... here's my explanation for that.  I spent a lot time getting ready for our date, trying to look cute for my hubby.  I left the house feeling confident, and well, cute.  But, hmm... I didn't look too cute on the pictures that were taken. And not just cute, but the pictures were horrible.  Not a fan whatsoever.   I'm going to blame it on the fact that I was letting people use my little point and shoot camera to take our picture... um, yeah.  Maybe I wasn't looking as cute as I thought I was.  :( My outfit was a bad choice, and my makeup was a hot mess.   So, since this is my blog I get to decide what pictures I put on here, and the ones from last night will be put into our "secret vault" and only be seen by me.  :)

But... I thought I would share our memories from our 1st V-Day.  Last night we reminisced about all of our V-days together.  Before this year we have never really had a great V-Day.  They haven't been bad, don't get me wrong, but the last 3 we had Dane with us for our "dates", and the ones before Dane was born were kind of a bust.  haha We had a hard time even remembering what we did on the 2nd V-day, and I have no pictures from that day. That's terrible!

Anyway, back to the 1st one.  February 14th 2006.  Kevin planned a romantic evening.  This was our 1st V-day together, and he wanted to make it special.  He made reservations at Tony Mandola's, a nice restaurant downtown Houston.  It started off great...for about the 1st 10 minutes we were there.  They had a great menu, we ordered a glass of wine, were starting to have a nice conversation but quickly the evening went downhill from there.  A couple got sat in the table right next to us.  You can see in the picture how close they were..the black purse next to me was not mine.  It was an intimate restaurant, so we were expecting to be sitting very close to other guests.  But, this couple... oh this couple.  I can still see them clearly in my head still after all these years.  The man was an older gentleman who came across as fairly wealthy who had a very LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, IN YOUR FACE, LET ME SHOUT EVERY TIME I TALK, NO CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS kind of personality.  The girl looked like maybe she was 40 years younger than him, and it became quite clear through the dinner that she was being "paid" to be on the date with him.  Kid you not.  It was horrible.  It was nearly impossible for Kevin and I to hold any kind of conversation or anyone else in the restaurant, because he was so loud every time he spoke. And he spoke A LOT!  And the things he talked about were very crude, and not really appropriate for a roomful of people on dates for V-day.  We felt sorry for his date, had to be embarrassing for her.  But, if you are getting "paid" then you have to know that your clients won't always be the cream of the crop.

We laugh about it now and actually I'm glad it happened because we will remember it forever, but that night was a flop for sure.  Kevin felt really bad, but obviously it wasn't his fault the night didn't go as planned.  And, I appreciated all that he had done to make the evening special.  We had been dating 8 months by that time, so a horrible V-day date wasn't going to scare me away, that was for sure!
 Needless to say this year was our best Valentine's far!

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