Friday, February 11, 2011

Operation Underwear and Babysitter Swap

Haven't had much to talk about this week, or post pictures of.  It's been a slow week, not a lot happening.  I worked Mon-Wed and yesterday Dane and I hit up a couple stores looking for a jacket that I can take on our upcoming trip to NYC. It's still going to be pretty cold there when we go in March.  I was hoping to catch some major sales on winter clothes and warmer jackets, but I guess I was a couple weeks late.  Most stores have all their spring stuff out, and a small section of clearance items left from winter.  :(  Since Dane was on his best behavior and was patient with me going in and out of stores I took him to Chick Fil-a for an afternoon snack and to get some play time in.

After his nap yesterday we had his swimming lessons.  Dane was not in the mood to swim.  I don't blame him.  It's freezing outside, and he missed last week because of our "blizzard", so he was just grumpy and not very cooperative with Ms. Heidi.  Usually, when it is his turn and she wants him to jump off the platform he does it immediately, but yesterday she was having to pretty much pick him up every time she wanted him in the water.  She is so sweet and patient though, and gave him lots of extra hugs and loving yesterday. Guess she could tell he was not "feeling" it.  It makes it kind of hard when it is so cold outside.  I have to layer him up on top of his bathing suit, and when we are leaving I have to make sure he is extra bundled up with lots of layers and a beanie on his head so he won't get sick with his hair wet.  But, the swim club does a fantastic job of keeping the entire building pretty warm, so even when they get out of the heated pool it's not cold while changing them.

We have started something new, and it seems to be working somewhat.  But, we haven't figured out all the kinks yet.  Basically, anytime we are home Dane wears underwear.  The only time at home that we put pull ups on him is when he is taking a nap or night time.  And he DOES NOT have any accidents what so ever while wearing underwear. It has been amazing.  We have to remind him to use the potty constantly, because when he gets to playing I don't trust him that he will remember.  But, it has been going really good.  The problem though is that the minute he has on pull ups he refuses to use the potty.  And, he refuses to poop on the potty.  He waits now until he has on his pull ups, and then he uses the bathroom.  arrg.   I haven't figured out if it is a laziness thing with him or just a control thing, or maybe a little of both.  Not sure how to handle the pooping in the pull up thing.
Also, I haven't been brave enough yet, to take him out in public in underwear.  So, when we go run errands I put a pull up on him, but he takes that to mean he doesn't need to use the potty anymore.  When we are out and about I try to get him to use the potty where we are at, but he refuses.
Guess I need to just start taking him to places in underwear and bringing lots of extra clothes??  IS that a good idea? I need some suggestions.  I'm nervous about that.  I mean I don't want to clean up accidents in the middle of a store, but that may be my only option since if he is wearing pull ups he thinks that gives him the ok to go in his pants.  I am proud of him though, he is doing great at home!! So, that's where we are with the whole potty training.  I would say he is getting there.  But, his strong will and stubbornness can get in the way at times.

Tonight Kevin and I have a Hot date planned!! I am so excited that we get a date night.  We are celebrating V-day this evening instead of Monday.  We haven't had a date for V-Day since before Dane was born. Kevin had the GREAT idea to do a babysitting swap/date night with our friends the Gonzalez's.  He suggested we watch their kids one night, so they could have a date and then they watch Dane one night so we could go out.  I'm not sure why we haven't thought of this earlier.  It's brilliant, really! Free Babysitting with a family who knows everything already about your children, and a date night for the parents. So, they are watching Dane tonight, and we are watching Sophie and Zach tomorrow night! Excited!
Our date nights are usually when one of our families come into town, or when we go visit them, since they do not live in Houston.
Back in December we had a teenager from our church watch Dane so we could go to a Christmas party. It was our first time having someone besides family and friends watch Dane. She did a great job, the night went well, Dane had a blast with her, but quite frankly it's expensive.  It's not how it was back in my day.  HAHA I just realized how old I just sounded.  When I was a teenager and babysat for extra money, I never had a rate.  I just got paid whatever the families were willing to give me....wasn't much compared to what they are wanting these days.  I'm sure we will do it again, but not often.  It just makes a date night really expensive if you add up dinner and a movie or concert and then money for a babysitter.  Hard on the budget you know, if it's done often.   So, anyway it's going to be fun! We have been looking forward to this for a couple weeks.  Just got to figure out what to wear and I will be all set. :)

Happy Friday, Ya'll!!


Christy said...

Ok, just my advice on the potty training... it sounds like he is doing really, really good with the underwear!!! Zach was the same way... he would only wear pull-ups at nap/bedtime, but would use this opportunity to go poop. So that's when I said that's it!! No more pull-ups!! And he has never had an "accident" since!! So, I say go with it!! Take away the pull-ups and see how he does... but wait till after tonight!! Lol!!!!

mkruiz said...

Jayne, where are you taking Dane for swim class? Preston loves the water when he is in a pool and I was thinking about something like that for him this summer :)