Thursday, February 17, 2011

Swim Pics

Last week at Dane's swimming lesson (you know the one I mentioned he wasn't in a great mood for) there was a professional photographer taking pictures of all the swimmers. He was there to get some current pictures to put on the swim club's website. I was disappointed he was there on a day that Dane was in a crabby mood, so I really didn't think that Dane would make any of the pictures.  Today I received an email that included a website that had all the pictures that were taken that day. And to my surprise Dane was in several.  A couple from the kicking exercise, several with him floating on his back to the wall, and then riding the mat to the slide.  These made me happy to see today.  I have been wanting some current pictures, but they are just hard to get since we aren't in the same room as the lesson, and we are watching through a glass window.

You'll notice in the last picture of him floating on his back he doesn't look happy and even looks like he is crying.  They are suppose to float to the wall from the middle of the pool which he does perfectly and then put their hand on the wall and flip themselves over while keeping their hand on the wall.  Well, he wasn't in the cooperating mood, so he "cheated" and didn't do it correctly, so Miss Heidi put him back on his back and made him do it again.  He was not a happy camper about that.  I love that about her, she doesn't let them get away with doing an exercise wrong, even if they aren't in the mood to do it correct.  She always makes them follow through with every exercise.   The photographer caught him smiling in one also, which makes me even happier.  Because, usually on most swim days that is how he is the entire lesson, smiling and being silly and enjoying the lesson.  Anyway, here are some pictures courtesy of Houston Swim Club!

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