Thursday, March 31, 2011

What We're Working With...

Dinner time and Dane was refusing to eat... as usual.  

Kevin told him that he could either eat his dinner or sit in the corner...  

We had both stepped away from the table and weren't paying attention.  We turned back around to find that Dane had put himself in the corner.

Um...can you say STRONG WILLED CHILD??

Operation FAIL

And yes, he is wearing Kevin's childhood costume that his mom made.  Vintage Super Man was the super hero of choice today! HA

So, after he punished himself in the corner for a few minutes he was given another option.

Either eat your dinner or get a spanking.

He chose dinner.  


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things


D- Your truck is dirty,  you need a new one.
Kev-How about I just wash this one?
D- It's too big for the laundry, but my clothes fit
Kev- (Laughing) I guess we need a new truck


J- Dane, do you need to go tee tee?
Dane- Do I need to go tee tee? Of Course I do!!


The other morning at the crack of dawn Dane crawled into our bed.  We told him that it was still night time, to go to sleep.
He was quite for about 30 minutes, and then started getting anxious for us to wake up.
J- Dane it isn't time to get up yet.  Just a few more minutes.
D- ( BIGGEST SIGH) I am SOOOO tired of this!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Central...

I think if my husband reads this post I may not have a husband anymore... he may take off and leave the state and go incognito....  So, shhhhh don't tell him what is in store!

ok, maybe not... but I think there will be a lot of sighing, eye rolling, talking under his breath and trying to talk me out of what is about to happen...

The last 2 summers I have let Kevin off the hook with things that needed to be done around our house, because he was working on his masters, and lets face it he didn't have much free time.  But... oh no! Not this summer!!! There are SOOOO many projects that need to be done around here, and I am ready to get busy on them!!!  And guess who will be the head pancho... yep you guessed it, my hubby Kevin!

Just to name a few of the many projects:
master bedroom needs a whole new color (more on this later...bc WE... are should I say I am painting it this wknd)
tv room- needs some touch ups, and decorations hung in the room, a picture frame collage hung
kitchen- one wall needs to be painted
powder bath- needs to be painted
Dane's room - I want to make a shadow box of his baby Aggie garments and get it hung... and I want to paint one wall in his room
the entire upstairs needs paint
master bath- needs a new towel rack and paint and mirrors hung

this is the short list... I have many more things that need to be done here, and I am motivated to have this list crossed off by the end of the summer! I hope that my hubby will jump on board.  If he doesn't leave the country before then!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baseball & Circus Freaks

Saturday we packed up and headed to College Station to watch the Aggie baseball team whip up on Kansas.  I love that we are only 45 minutes from College Station, it makes it so easy for a Saturday road trip.  The weather was great, a tad hot but what else can you expect for "spring time" in Houston.  Dane was so excited all morning when we told him we were going to a baseball game.  He came downstairs with his baseball hat without us even mentioning it to him, and wouldn't take it off the entire day. 
I don't know what it is about College Station, but I just love that town.  I lived there 2001-2003, and have always been fond of it.  Maybe it's the small town feel!
We got to the ticket booth, and weren't there not even 30 seconds when an older Aggie gentleman walked up to us, and handed us 2 tickets he no longer was going to use! Gotta love those Aggies!   Score on free tickets! 
The game was a lot of fun. I love going to baseball games.  I love how close you are to the field, and how people in the stands taunt the umpires and the other team. Aggie games are fun regardless of what sport it is, but there is something about baseball games that are my favorite!   Dane did really well considering he was confined to a really small area.  There were a couple ladies in front of us that happened to make eye contact with Dane, and so therefore he considered them his friends through out and would talk and try to get their attention. One who was like a grandmother figure gave him a dish of m&m's when he started getting a little antsy towards the end to try to keep him busy, which we thought was sweet. We made it to the top of the 7th inning, before he let us know he was ready for a nap, and had had enough of the baseball game. Not bad in my opinion for a 3 year old! The Aggies beat Kansas 11-1!! Whoop!

How cute is he in his baseball hat??? This little booger has my heart, for sure!

 This is about the time that he was all up in the conversation of these 2 ladies, when he leaned over just a bit too much and fell over the chair and took a nose dive and hit his lip on the bottom of the chair.  Thankfully these ladies caught him before he hit the cement.

And this is when I thought he was using the wipey to "clean" the cement like he said he wanted to do, but instead I caught him cleaning our popcorn that had fallen on the ground and eating it. can't say this was my proudest moment
 why am I smiling so big that my face looks like it is going to rip apart?? lol guess I was happy to be there
Do you like Kevin's man bag??? lol just kidding... he is so good, always ends up carrying my purse or camera bag when my arms get tired was time to go! 
buckled him in his seat, and backed out of parking spot and he was OUT!


Once we got home from the game, and got cleaned up we decided to go check out a festival called Cy-Fest near our house.  We were thinking it was going to be similar to the Taste of Cypress that we went to last year, which was awesome and a lot of fun.  It was a pretty big festival, I'll give that to Cypress with tons of vendors, food, games etc.  Dane had fun riding all the kiddie rides, and we had a decent time walking around looking at everything.  But... this festival was a tad different.  We kind of felt out of place, and I'm already cracking up writing this and thinking about what all we saw.  After being there about 30 minutes I had already had some thoughts and opinions of the people we were surrounded by, but hadn't voiced anything yet.  While waiting in line for a ride for Dane Kevin is looking around and then says "We are seeing a whole side of Cypress we have never seen before".  I crack up, because I immediately know exactly what he is talking about.  
We were surrounded by circus freaks.  Seriously.  You know the people who travel with the circus, and some start looking like the animals that they work with.  I know, I know this sounds terrible but y'all it was crazy.  Puts white trash to a whole new level.  Like women wearing tank tops with BIG arm holes with no undergarments.  All those people you see on the Wal Mart emails, yeah they were all out in full force.  There were people who you weren't sure if they were a HE or SHE.  People wearing Budweiser flags as dresses.  There were mullets....there were bandannas worn as shorts...  I could go on and on.  
I have never seen these types of peeps here in Cypress.  I would consider Cypress fairly conservative, so I have no idea where all these folks came from.  They came out of the wood works for sure for Cy-Fest! 
So, needless to say we let Dane ride some rides, and then got out of there as fast as we could.  lol pretty funny and so Crazy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, ever since we left to go to NYC I have been getting lots, and I mean lots of anonymous comments on my blog.  Some innocent.  Some nice.  Some not so innocent. Some vulgar. And some just plain rude.

If you want to leave me a comment then do so! I love comments.  But, to hide behind the word ANONYMOUS is kind of cowardly if you ask me, especially if you want to say something that is not nice.  Which is why those comments will be deleted immediately.   If you have something to say, or a question to ask then do so, but attach your name to it. It's not cool. Plain and simple.

I have been brushing these anonymous comments off, but today I got a comment that rubbed me the wrong way and quite frankly ticked me off.  So, I am going to address it, and then move on.

Comment from Mr/Mrs Anonymous-
Wittschen's World- I have been reading your blog ever since your son had his hip surgery, but never commented. I enjoyed reading about his recovery and how much he has grown.  But I must say that I don't think you are being true to yourself or your family. You haven't talked about his hip in a very long time. It's like you don't even care about that anymore. And another thing there is no way that your life is as happy as you make it out to be.  You act like it's all fairy tale, and that you and your family have no trials. You complain about trivial things like your kid not using the potty, when there are more important things in this world going on.  I'm not trying to sound mean, but your blog would be more popular if you were more real and relate your life to other people's problems. -Anonymous

Um, ok. not really sure where to start with this. It really annoyed me, so I had to take a step back before writing this so I didn't say anything I shouldn't.  
 First of all my blog is a way for me to keep up with what is going on in our lives.  Like a personal journal.  2nd, this is a way for our family who do not get to see Dane everyday to see pictures of him, and keep up with what is going on here in Houston.  This blog isn't for popularity or anything like that.  I have it public, because I know several people who like to read it.  If I continue to have problems with anonymous comments then I may choose to make it private.  Obviously, this isn't someone who knows us personally, because they would know that this is our life, and they would know me well enough to know my personality, and that I am being real.  I consider myself a social person, I like to be around people and for the most part outgoing.  But, when it comes to things that are personal, or things that I am struggling with or insecure about I tend to internalize those things.  I'm not one to open up to people about things that are difficult for me.  I can put on a happy face and "fake" it to most people, except those I am closest with.  So, no if there are personal things I am going through then I don't blog about it. Why would I ???  I blog about things that I want to blog about and what I want to remember.  Does that mean I'm not being real?? NO! It just means that I am choosing to blog about the things that are important to me.  Is my life a fairy tale? absolutely not.  Do Kevin and I have our share of disagreements or tiffs or issues? of course! But, do i think that we have a great relationship?? YES!~It's not perfect, but its great in my eyes.  I don't think I come across that our life is just perfect, with no problems.  
My blog may not make sense to some, but I write the way I think, and the way I would talk in person. I wouldn't consider myself a great writer, there's probably a lot of broken sentences or misspelled words, but it's me.  I'm sure it's random more times than not.  But, if you know me then you can probably hear me saying it how it is written. 
And I realize there is a lot going in this world, a lot of sad things... but my blog isn't about that. It's about my family.  End of story.  So, if you don't like reading then hit that little red x at the top of your computer! And to address the hip issue... well i don't talk about his hip anymore because nothing is going on with his hip at the moment.  Things are good as of now, so we have somewhat moved on from that.  So, to say it's like I don't even care... OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!  Messing with the wrong mama bear.  I'm just saying.  

So, lets keep the comments nice, it's a family blog.  And can we remember what your mother always taught you... IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING NICE, THEN DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.  

That's all.  

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Got to go see the band Sugarland with a few of my girlfriends at the rodeo.  

 The concert was great!!!  The laughter was great!!  The food was great!! 
Hello, it's the rodeo!
Always a good time!

Thank You Mom/Granny for the COLORED BUBBLES!!

And for sending them back with us to play with instead of playing with them at your house!!!
Next time we come to Orange we will make sure that these are packed and you get a chance to play with them also!!!!! We are onto you and know this was ALL a BIG CONSPIRACY!!!!!! 


Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was so fun to be in NYC on St. Patrick's Day.  The city goes all out for this holiday since there are a ton of Irish in that area.  When packing for the trip I realized that neither Kevin nor I have green in our wardrobe.  It's just not a color that either of us wear.  But, we both managed to pack the one green item we had, and both were not St Patty's green, but more like an army green... oh well, green is green right?  The streets were packed with thousands of people lining up for the parade. Pretty cool that the entire city comes together to watch the parade.  The parade goes on for about 4 hours!! Seriously! We stayed and watch about an hour and half before deciding that we had seen enough.  It was neat to see all the bands marching and playing their instruments, and the Irish playing their bag pipes, the military marching to their cadence etc.  We were surprised to find out that there are no floats in this parade.  After the parade every restaurant in town is completely packed with the city celebrating St Patty's Day.  We had a great time walking around and just looking at all the crazy people.  They are definitely out in full force on this holiday.  Kevin was determined to eat some Irish food, so we found an Irish pub that wasn't overly crowded and he ate his shepherd pie, while I tore into a juicy burger.

We spent the day walking around visiting different stores, restaurants, pubs etc.  It was a fun day, glad we were in NYC for St. Patrick's day.  Earlier in the week Kevin had seen Lindy's which has world famous cheesecake and so we had to check that off our list as well.  We skipped out of dinner that night and had dessert instead.  I don't eat cheesecake, so I had chocolate cake with ice cream and it was truly divine.  Kevin's cheesecake was HUGE, and he left very satisfied.  As decorations they had these gigantic wine bottles sitting on the window seal, so of course we had to have some fun with those.  

The evening was low key, spending most of the time getting last minute presents for Dane, and hanging out in Time Square.  Our trip was fabulous.  We had such a wonderful time, we were really sad that it had come to and end.  Friday morning came and we slept in, ate a big breakfast at the hotel, and then headed to the airport to fly out around 1:00.  While at the gate we had a couple celebrity sightings! Katy Courick was at our gate waiting to board our plane!! She was just hanging out with another lady, not trying to call much attention to herself.  The entire gate knew she was there, but everyone was too intimidated to talk to her or take pictures of her.  Also, Vinny from Jersey Shore was also on our plane, Kevin says he isn't a celebrity and didn't understand why people make a big deal out of him.  I just thought it was cool to see people who are on tv on our actual plane!! 
So, now we are back to home with our little man doing the things we normally do. 
and since I put so many pictures on here all my posts about this trip aren't on the same'll have to hit older posts when you get to the bottom of the screen to see the beginning of the week.