Wednesday, March 2, 2011

$50 worth of FREE crawfish

One of the perks of my job is that every so often we get gifts/food/gift cards etc from our patients.  We treat the same patients everyday for 8 1/2 weeks, so we get to know them pretty well by the time they are finished with their radiation treatments.  So, a lot of them like to thank us by bringing us things such as baked goods/desserts/ or even small gifts throughout their treatment or on their last day to show their appreciation. There's a fine line of what we can and can not accept from patients.  We definitely appreciate their thoughtfulness, even though we don't expect it or feel they need to show their gratitude in this way. 
  Anyway, today I got a gift card for Pappadeaux, which I knew Kevin would be very excited about since seafood is his ALL TIME favorite type of food.  I texted him this morning that I had received it, and he was beyond thrilled! So thrilled that at lunch time he texted me and said all he could think about was seafood! haha
Kevin has gotten quite the hook up from me working in this field over the years.  There has been lots and lots of gift cards that I personally wouldn't use such as StarBucks, Best Buy, or food places that I don't eat, and so I pass on the love to him.  

So, Pappadeaux was on the agenda tonight, and Kevin overdosed on crawfish.  Like enough to feed a small army.  The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.... this was proven tonight.  Kevin couldn't have been happier than with a stomach full of crawfish.  

**cell phone pictures- feel like I have to put a disclaimer since the quality of my cell phone pictures are terrible**
Dane loves the bread... which so do I !! Yummy!
A small piece of Heaven.... seriously their butter is to die for. Like I think I could eat a bowl of it by itself, it's so good!

And this is what I get when going to a sea food restaurant... CHICKEN!

Be scared!

Kevin scaring Dane with the crawfish.  Kevin and his Dad are both praying that Dane will love crawfish as much as they do one day... not confident that this will happen though.  He does have cajun genes on both sides, so maybe he will surprise us when he gets to be older

Talk about making me want to throw up... The sucking of the head part of eating a crawfish

Thanks to my sweet patient for this free dinner after a LONG day of work!! 


JAJ said...

I see that wasn't a WHOLE E and I still laugh about that Jayne-ism. :) Love me some crawfish! (and chicken).

Anonymous said...

Girl I get chicken when I go to Pappadeaux's too! My mom and Duane have a crawfish boil every year and I nearly vomit just from the smell! Bryan loves them! Oh and the sucking the heads-GROSS! My dad would do that, nasty nasty! lol