Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, ever since we left to go to NYC I have been getting lots, and I mean lots of anonymous comments on my blog.  Some innocent.  Some nice.  Some not so innocent. Some vulgar. And some just plain rude.

If you want to leave me a comment then do so! I love comments.  But, to hide behind the word ANONYMOUS is kind of cowardly if you ask me, especially if you want to say something that is not nice.  Which is why those comments will be deleted immediately.   If you have something to say, or a question to ask then do so, but attach your name to it. It's not cool. Plain and simple.

I have been brushing these anonymous comments off, but today I got a comment that rubbed me the wrong way and quite frankly ticked me off.  So, I am going to address it, and then move on.

Comment from Mr/Mrs Anonymous-
Wittschen's World- I have been reading your blog ever since your son had his hip surgery, but never commented. I enjoyed reading about his recovery and how much he has grown.  But I must say that I don't think you are being true to yourself or your family. You haven't talked about his hip in a very long time. It's like you don't even care about that anymore. And another thing there is no way that your life is as happy as you make it out to be.  You act like it's all fairy tale, and that you and your family have no trials. You complain about trivial things like your kid not using the potty, when there are more important things in this world going on.  I'm not trying to sound mean, but your blog would be more popular if you were more real and relate your life to other people's problems. -Anonymous

Um, ok. not really sure where to start with this. It really annoyed me, so I had to take a step back before writing this so I didn't say anything I shouldn't.  
 First of all my blog is a way for me to keep up with what is going on in our lives.  Like a personal journal.  2nd, this is a way for our family who do not get to see Dane everyday to see pictures of him, and keep up with what is going on here in Houston.  This blog isn't for popularity or anything like that.  I have it public, because I know several people who like to read it.  If I continue to have problems with anonymous comments then I may choose to make it private.  Obviously, this isn't someone who knows us personally, because they would know that this is our life, and they would know me well enough to know my personality, and that I am being real.  I consider myself a social person, I like to be around people and for the most part outgoing.  But, when it comes to things that are personal, or things that I am struggling with or insecure about I tend to internalize those things.  I'm not one to open up to people about things that are difficult for me.  I can put on a happy face and "fake" it to most people, except those I am closest with.  So, no if there are personal things I am going through then I don't blog about it. Why would I ???  I blog about things that I want to blog about and what I want to remember.  Does that mean I'm not being real?? NO! It just means that I am choosing to blog about the things that are important to me.  Is my life a fairy tale? absolutely not.  Do Kevin and I have our share of disagreements or tiffs or issues? of course! But, do i think that we have a great relationship?? YES!~It's not perfect, but its great in my eyes.  I don't think I come across that our life is just perfect, with no problems.  
My blog may not make sense to some, but I write the way I think, and the way I would talk in person. I wouldn't consider myself a great writer, there's probably a lot of broken sentences or misspelled words, but it's me.  I'm sure it's random more times than not.  But, if you know me then you can probably hear me saying it how it is written. 
And I realize there is a lot going in this world, a lot of sad things... but my blog isn't about that. It's about my family.  End of story.  So, if you don't like reading then hit that little red x at the top of your computer! And to address the hip issue... well i don't talk about his hip anymore because nothing is going on with his hip at the moment.  Things are good as of now, so we have somewhat moved on from that.  So, to say it's like I don't even care... OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!  Messing with the wrong mama bear.  I'm just saying.  

So, lets keep the comments nice, it's a family blog.  And can we remember what your mother always taught you... IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING NICE, THEN DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.  

That's all.  


Kody and Corby Brooks said...

Very well put Jayne! I can't believe someone would write that to you! That's just awful! There is nothing wrong with your blog and I enjoy reading it! Why would you write about the personal struggles or troubles you or your family are going through? I wouldn't do that either! Some things are not meant for the world to read.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness I couldn't even finish putting what you wrote. I read "their" comment and oh my! I would guess they are someone who has a DDH child who is still walking in the muck. Actually they must have a pretty bad life and have no idea what it means to not have problems all the time. Just because our kids struggled with something two years ago doesn't mean they still struggle with it. I don't blog about Kaitlyn's hip anymore. It's not a current issue in our life. We're moms. Our kids are hitting different challenges and if you are writing about his hip then that's the current challenge, but if you have moved on to potty training (which is a big, BIG deal BTW) then that is your current hurdle. I get those nasty comments sometimes. One time when posting about our infertility I got a couple anonymous messages with people going off about how selfish I am for wanting another child when there are people out there just wanting to get pregnant with one. So... why are they attacking me? Go pick on someone with six kids. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I think the negative anonymous commenters are jerks. BTW, everything seems fine with Kaitlyn's hip. She's going in April 8th for her first yearly check-up.

robin said...

If people that do not know you read your blog,they should not say anything judgmental or critical. I'm with you, if they can't say something nice, they should not say anything at all. After all, they do not even know you. A person can't know you from just reading your blog.
A person who is critical like that is probably a very miserable person anyway. Who needs them.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I just read that with my jaw on the floor. For someone who has known you my entire life, I know you are being 100% REAL! There is nothing wrong with what you write about, I love reading it, I even laugh out loud at times. I would write about my personal struggles with my family either, it's nobody's business unless I choose to tell them. The idiot that wrote that obviously is very NOSY and has nothing better to do. Total lack of class. I got your back! :)

Anonymous said...

That should read "wouldn't" write about my personal struggles.

Debbie S. said...

I clicked on your blog from someone else's that I was reading today and I have to comment on this "anonymous" who left you that ridiculous message.

Who would do that???????

They are missing the purpose of a personal blog, which is to write about your personal life! Why does that make it THEIR business what you write about?!!

Some people need to get a life.