Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baseball & Circus Freaks

Saturday we packed up and headed to College Station to watch the Aggie baseball team whip up on Kansas.  I love that we are only 45 minutes from College Station, it makes it so easy for a Saturday road trip.  The weather was great, a tad hot but what else can you expect for "spring time" in Houston.  Dane was so excited all morning when we told him we were going to a baseball game.  He came downstairs with his baseball hat without us even mentioning it to him, and wouldn't take it off the entire day. 
I don't know what it is about College Station, but I just love that town.  I lived there 2001-2003, and have always been fond of it.  Maybe it's the small town feel!
We got to the ticket booth, and weren't there not even 30 seconds when an older Aggie gentleman walked up to us, and handed us 2 tickets he no longer was going to use! Gotta love those Aggies!   Score on free tickets! 
The game was a lot of fun. I love going to baseball games.  I love how close you are to the field, and how people in the stands taunt the umpires and the other team. Aggie games are fun regardless of what sport it is, but there is something about baseball games that are my favorite!   Dane did really well considering he was confined to a really small area.  There were a couple ladies in front of us that happened to make eye contact with Dane, and so therefore he considered them his friends through out and would talk and try to get their attention. One who was like a grandmother figure gave him a dish of m&m's when he started getting a little antsy towards the end to try to keep him busy, which we thought was sweet. We made it to the top of the 7th inning, before he let us know he was ready for a nap, and had had enough of the baseball game. Not bad in my opinion for a 3 year old! The Aggies beat Kansas 11-1!! Whoop!

How cute is he in his baseball hat??? This little booger has my heart, for sure!

 This is about the time that he was all up in the conversation of these 2 ladies, when he leaned over just a bit too much and fell over the chair and took a nose dive and hit his lip on the bottom of the chair.  Thankfully these ladies caught him before he hit the cement.

And this is when I thought he was using the wipey to "clean" the cement like he said he wanted to do, but instead I caught him cleaning our popcorn that had fallen on the ground and eating it. can't say this was my proudest moment
 why am I smiling so big that my face looks like it is going to rip apart?? lol guess I was happy to be there
Do you like Kevin's man bag??? lol just kidding... he is so good, always ends up carrying my purse or camera bag when my arms get tired was time to go! 
buckled him in his seat, and backed out of parking spot and he was OUT!


Once we got home from the game, and got cleaned up we decided to go check out a festival called Cy-Fest near our house.  We were thinking it was going to be similar to the Taste of Cypress that we went to last year, which was awesome and a lot of fun.  It was a pretty big festival, I'll give that to Cypress with tons of vendors, food, games etc.  Dane had fun riding all the kiddie rides, and we had a decent time walking around looking at everything.  But... this festival was a tad different.  We kind of felt out of place, and I'm already cracking up writing this and thinking about what all we saw.  After being there about 30 minutes I had already had some thoughts and opinions of the people we were surrounded by, but hadn't voiced anything yet.  While waiting in line for a ride for Dane Kevin is looking around and then says "We are seeing a whole side of Cypress we have never seen before".  I crack up, because I immediately know exactly what he is talking about.  
We were surrounded by circus freaks.  Seriously.  You know the people who travel with the circus, and some start looking like the animals that they work with.  I know, I know this sounds terrible but y'all it was crazy.  Puts white trash to a whole new level.  Like women wearing tank tops with BIG arm holes with no undergarments.  All those people you see on the Wal Mart emails, yeah they were all out in full force.  There were people who you weren't sure if they were a HE or SHE.  People wearing Budweiser flags as dresses.  There were mullets....there were bandannas worn as shorts...  I could go on and on.  
I have never seen these types of peeps here in Cypress.  I would consider Cypress fairly conservative, so I have no idea where all these folks came from.  They came out of the wood works for sure for Cy-Fest! 
So, needless to say we let Dane ride some rides, and then got out of there as fast as we could.  lol pretty funny and so Crazy!

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Anonymous said...

My name is Frank Salazar.
I'm a friend of Kevins and his parents.
I worked with Barry.
I lost contact with them when they moved to NY and would like to reconnect.

Could you ask Barry to give me call.
Thanks so much.

btw- CUTE kid!