Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gage's birthday!

Dane's best friend, Gage turned 3 this weekend so we ventured off to Dallas to help him celebrate.  Gage had a Scooby Doo party, which was SOOO cute.  Tabitha went all out with the Scooby decorations.  There were Scooby snacks, an adorable mystery machine Scooby cake, a bouncy house that was in the shape of the scooby van, a cotton candy machine, music from the Scooby shows etc.  It was a great party, and Tabitha did an amazing job.  Dane had SOOO much fun, and was a sugar eating machine! 
When he wasn't bouncing in the Scooby van, he was hoarding all of Gage's cars (same kind of cars he has at his own house) together, and making sure no one at the party came close to taking them.  He cracks me up how no matter where he goes he gets attached to particular toys and will hold on to them for hours on end.  His obsession with cars is insane!! It was a great party, and I was so happy to spend some time with my girl Tab.  Got to see another sorority sister I hadn't seen in forever which was fun also!  And of course, Dane had a blast hanging with his best friend.  They are so funny and cute when they play together.  Good times in Dallas, as usual!!

Happy Birthday Gage!!!!!


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