Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things


D- Your truck is dirty,  you need a new one.
Kev-How about I just wash this one?
D- It's too big for the laundry, but my clothes fit
Kev- (Laughing) I guess we need a new truck


J- Dane, do you need to go tee tee?
Dane- Do I need to go tee tee? Of Course I do!!


The other morning at the crack of dawn Dane crawled into our bed.  We told him that it was still night time, to go to sleep.
He was quite for about 30 minutes, and then started getting anxious for us to wake up.
J- Dane it isn't time to get up yet.  Just a few more minutes.
D- ( BIGGEST SIGH) I am SOOOO tired of this!

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