Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let's start with Monday

Have to break this down into days since we did SOOOO much while in New York. Get ready for your eyeballs to hurt because these posts will be filled with LOTS of pictures, and probably not as many words.  It's hard to write about all that we did and saw.  

We arrived Monday around noon, checked in our hotel and then immediately hit the town.  Started off at Central Park and walked around the entire park, shopped at all the shops around that area, got a pretzel off one of the street vendors, did a TON of sight seeing and walking, went to Trump Tower, Rockefeller Plaza, Fao Schwartz Toy store,  did more shopping, window shopping at stores we would never be able to afford etc etc.  

That evening we had dinner at Colicchio and Sons.  It is a restaurant owned by the judge Tom Colicchio from the tv show Top chef.  It was a very nice restaurant, delicious food and really cool atmosphere.  We splurged a little with this dinner, and declared this our anniversary dinner.  I had the best steak I have ever eaten, and Kevin had salmon which he says was Delicious!  And we had the best still water imaginable! HA! Yeah we got GOT on this one! After we got the bill and saw how much the still water was we drank tap after that.  Lesson learned! Who knew there were so many options for water at a restaurant.  Unfortunately, Tom Colicchio wasn't there, we were hoping he would be.  Our waiter says that he is there 6 days a week, and we just happened to be there on the one day he wasn't.  Um, yeah not buying that. Anyway, it was a FABULOUS dinner.  We even spilt a chocolate cake with ice cream parfait that was to die for.  SO YUMMY!

After dinner we went to Time Square and walked around.  There was a big section gated off and a HUGE crowd surrounding it.  There was a movie being filmed, and we walked up just in time for a practice countdown.  The producers (I guess that's who they were) had the crowd countdown from 10, and scream Happy New Years! They had a ball being dropped and confetti and the whole works.  There was a crowd that was in the gated area that we found out were the "paid" extras for the movie, and then everyone else was surrounding the extras.  It was pretty cool to be a part of and see how a movie is being filmed.  We did the practice countdown several times, before doing it for real! Pretty funny to see the crowd get so involved.  And there for a second I forgot it was March, and started believing that we had just celebrated New Years! Haha
You can see in these pics the guy on stage with the microphone thingy and the crowd, and then me counting down and Kevin throwing his arms in the air screaming happy new year.  The crowd went nuts yelling happy new years and everyone did their share of kissing.  
So, look for the movie New Years Eve... Kevin and I are going to be FAMOUS!!! haha We are in a movie!!!!! Along with 10,000 other crazy people! HAHA!
After this we just hung out on Time Square, and walked around did a lot of people watching, going into all the shops etc.

Great 1st day in the city!!!!

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