Monday, March 7, 2011

Part 2 of it's about to get deep in here

If you haven't read part 1 of my love story with the hubs then you may want to read that first before moving on to part 2.  If so you can read it HERE


I was living in a tiny apartment in the medical center, some could say that it was a tad on the ghetto not so nice side.  When I was looking for an apartment I didn't have much time to find the perfect place, so had to settle with what I could find the quickest and ended up only signing a 6 month lease.  Well, come May of that year my lease was going to end, and I had found a better apartment that was nicer and in a better part of the medical center.  
The problem was I didn't really know too many people yet that could help me move. I mostly knew girls, and the guys I did know either didn't have a truck or I just didn't feel comfortable asking for their help.  The weekend that we had to move was on Memorial weekend, so most people already had plans that weekend.  My parents were going to come in to town, but my step dad had knee surgery not too long before this so he was going to need another guy to help him move the heavy furniture.  

I was telling a girlfriend (one of Kevin's mutual friend, it's weird how all this played out because at the time she had no idea that she was playing a big part of how my future would turn out) my concerns, and how I just didn't know what I was going to do.  She listened, thought about it and without hesitation said "I know a couple guys that would help you move".
"Do you know Brian Lind and Kevin Wittschen" 
(she had no intentions of anything being more than just offering 2 of her friends to help me move...I still think it's crazy)
 I told her that I knew "of" them but not all that well.  Not enough to feel comfortable asking them to help me move....on memorial weekend at that.  So I was against it, and wanted her to come up with another idea.  
But, she kept insisting that she was going to ask them for me, and if they didn't already have plans she knew that they would agree to it. 
She told me that these boys are always being sweet and had a serving heart and they help people that are in need all the time.  
I didn't really have any other options, so I agreed to let her ask the boys.


  By the next morning I heard from both of them asking where to meet, where I lived, if I needed both of their trucks and yada yada.  I promised both of them that I would take them out to eat some time afterwards to thank them. 
So, the day came and the boys were at my apartment along with my parents to move me to another apartment.  Ya'll it was sauna hot!! We were all a sweaty mess, looking oh so rough.  And it seemed like my tiny apartment that I was living in turned into a huge mansion with all the things that needed to be moved.  But, Brian and Kevin rocked it out.  They acted like it was nothing, never complained or anything.  
While the boys were moving furniture and loading it into the trucks my step dad was outside organizing all the stuff trying to get as much as we could in the bed of the truck.  My mom and I were outside with him, when he decided to start making jokes like he does so often. 
He starts saying...not quietly mind you.. "So, which one of these boys like you"
Of course, I tried to quite him down while saying things like "NEITHER, they are just really great guys who are being nice since I am new to this area and don't know many people"
"No, Jayne... guys don't offer to help girls move on a holiday weekend in the middle of a heat wave just for nothing unless they have a motive.  One of them likes you, I'm telling you" as he laughed and laughed.  He was trying hard to embarrass me, thinking it was hilarious. 

I was still in denial.  Remember I was not interested in dating at the time, so I was oblivious if guys were flirting.  After the move Kevin invited me over to a friend's house that evening for a Texas Hold Em tournament.  There was a big group that was going to be there several people that I knew already, so I really didn't think much of it.  Just a night to hang out with friends.  


As promised I told the boys that I would take them out for dinner to thank them for their hard work.  We figured out a night we could all go... June 4th

A couple days before the 4th I found out from Kevin that Brian wouldn't be able to make it.  He would take a rain check on the dinner.  Hmm... that's weird, but I figured Kevin and I would still go grab a casual dinner.  Then he let me know that he had this great place to have a nice dinner, Cafe Montrose that we could go, and that he was planning all the details of the night. He let me know when he would pick me up and all that. I think he figured out pretty early on that I wasn't good at making decisions and just decided to take charge...  
UM... yeah I think it hit me then that this was no longer a dinner to thank him for helping me move... this was going to be a DATE!!!  I remember talking to my mom about it, and she was so happy because she had thought he was nice when they had met.  Then the stress of figuring out what to wear hit the fan... I wasn't worried about it, UNTIL I figured out that this was no longer a casual all started to make sense to me and I turned into a nervous wreck!!!!


Our 1st date...there is no way to talk about that evening in a quick couple sentences kind of way!
So, I'll save that for another post. 
But, I will say when the check came at dinner and I tried to take it because that WAS the original deal of the night he wouldn't let me.  He told me that he was paying for the dinner, and if I wanted to pay for his dinner then we would just have to go out again...


Was this his plan all along?????  Never let me pay, so I will always owe him a dinner?????

I'll let YOU be the judge!

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JAJ said...

I so remember those years prior to Kevin and still cannot believe how long ago those days were...crazy. I love yall's love story and Congratulations on 5 years! :)