Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poopy Attitude

Ya'll I have had the worst attitude this week.  I just can't seem to shake it.  Maybe it's because I worked my 3 long days last week Wed-Fri, and then this week I'm working Mon-Wed & Fri and just anxious for our trip.  I feel so bored, and just plain grumpy.  I shouldn't feel bored, we are super crazy busy at work.  But AHHHHHHH it has been the longest week ever.  I just want to pull my hair out. Everything is getting on my nerves, and my patience is running pretty thin. Seriously,just call me Crabby Carrie.  or Frustrated Franny.  or Pissy Pam.  So, if I snap at you here is an advanced apology.  It's nothing personal.  It's just been one of those weeks. Poopy attitude is in the house! Hopefully, my day off tomorrow will help with my sanity.  I am taking some pictures of my friend from work's new tiny new baby tomorrow, which will be fun. 

Speaking of poopy... Houston we are making progress!!! The last few weeks Dane has done amazing with underwear operation.... with the peeing part.  He wears underwear all day, and never has accidents.  He has even been going to school in underwear and doing fabulous.  Now, the pooping part has been more of a struggle.  He just refused to do it in the potty.  He would wait till he was wearing a pull up to go.  Last week he actually had a poopy accident in his underwear at school.  trying to be patient, but it's a little frustrating that he was  refusing to even "try" to poop on the potty. But, As of yesterday things have turned around 180 degrees! He pooped on the potty at school, and then again last night at our house!!!! He even did it without telling me he needed to.  I walked in the bathroom to find it!! A disgusting surprise, but I was SOOOO happy  to find that!! Maybe, just maybe (knock on wood) since he has done it twice in a row now
 he will be all about it,
and will continue on!!! That would be just wonderful!! 

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