Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Central...

I think if my husband reads this post I may not have a husband anymore... he may take off and leave the state and go incognito....  So, shhhhh don't tell him what is in store!

ok, maybe not... but I think there will be a lot of sighing, eye rolling, talking under his breath and trying to talk me out of what is about to happen...

The last 2 summers I have let Kevin off the hook with things that needed to be done around our house, because he was working on his masters, and lets face it he didn't have much free time.  But... oh no! Not this summer!!! There are SOOOO many projects that need to be done around here, and I am ready to get busy on them!!!  And guess who will be the head pancho... yep you guessed it, my hubby Kevin!

Just to name a few of the many projects:
master bedroom needs a whole new color (more on this later...bc WE... are should I say I am painting it this wknd)
tv room- needs some touch ups, and decorations hung in the room, a picture frame collage hung
kitchen- one wall needs to be painted
powder bath- needs to be painted
Dane's room - I want to make a shadow box of his baby Aggie garments and get it hung... and I want to paint one wall in his room
the entire upstairs needs paint
master bath- needs a new towel rack and paint and mirrors hung

this is the short list... I have many more things that need to be done here, and I am motivated to have this list crossed off by the end of the summer! I hope that my hubby will jump on board.  If he doesn't leave the country before then!


JAJ said...

Good luck "convincing" him to do your list! It only took me five years to get E to take the hot pink tile off our kitchen floor. :)

robin said...

You go girl!