Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stop & Think

Yesterday Kevin got to Dane's school to pick him up and walked in to find this...

Dane & his girlfriend, Sophie sitting together in Stop & Think...aka time out. 
Apparently, the 2 were playing in the sink and making a mess with the water.  Kevin said it was too funny not to take a picture of.  

I'm sure that this was ALL Sophie's idea, because my precious son would never do this.  He must have been trying to stop her, and was guilty by association. 

Ok, I kid! 

This isn't Dane's 1st rodeo with stop & think.  He has been there before...several times actually.  Usually for toddler boy behavior like running after being told to stop, or not listening,  or making gun noises during reading time etc.  

I sent the picture to my friend Christy, and she was shocked that her sweet Sophie had gotten into trouble at school!! lol This was her 1st time in Stop and Think that she was aware of.  She's very quite and reserved at school, so the teachers never have to get on to her.  Guess she is dating the BAD BOY!

When I got home I asked Dane about his time in Stop & Think.  Here is our conversation:

Me: Did you have to sit in stop & think today at school?
D: yes I did (in a matter of fact kind of way), sope sit in top & tank too
Me: why? were you being bad?
D: yes I bad ms glo say I AM NOT HAPPY
Me: what were you doing?
D: I dunno know. hmm pabaly paying in wader
Me: We need to listen to Ms Glo, and do what she says to do.  If she says to stop playing in the water, then you need to listen to her.  We have to be good while we are at school.
D: O-k-a-y, but sope was sad.  she say I want my mommy, I want my mommy
Me: Ahh, Sophie was sad? She's never been in stop & think, huh? Were you sad when you had to sit in stop & think?
D: no I not sad. 

I cracked up.  Go figure he wasn't sad.  He probably just thinks stop & think is just a regular part of his day at school.  No biggie.  He was probably telling Sophie when she was sad "ahh girl we got this, we'll be out in no time, just hang with me & we will be fine" lol 

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