Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was so fun to be in NYC on St. Patrick's Day.  The city goes all out for this holiday since there are a ton of Irish in that area.  When packing for the trip I realized that neither Kevin nor I have green in our wardrobe.  It's just not a color that either of us wear.  But, we both managed to pack the one green item we had, and both were not St Patty's green, but more like an army green... oh well, green is green right?  The streets were packed with thousands of people lining up for the parade. Pretty cool that the entire city comes together to watch the parade.  The parade goes on for about 4 hours!! Seriously! We stayed and watch about an hour and half before deciding that we had seen enough.  It was neat to see all the bands marching and playing their instruments, and the Irish playing their bag pipes, the military marching to their cadence etc.  We were surprised to find out that there are no floats in this parade.  After the parade every restaurant in town is completely packed with the city celebrating St Patty's Day.  We had a great time walking around and just looking at all the crazy people.  They are definitely out in full force on this holiday.  Kevin was determined to eat some Irish food, so we found an Irish pub that wasn't overly crowded and he ate his shepherd pie, while I tore into a juicy burger.

We spent the day walking around visiting different stores, restaurants, pubs etc.  It was a fun day, glad we were in NYC for St. Patrick's day.  Earlier in the week Kevin had seen Lindy's which has world famous cheesecake and so we had to check that off our list as well.  We skipped out of dinner that night and had dessert instead.  I don't eat cheesecake, so I had chocolate cake with ice cream and it was truly divine.  Kevin's cheesecake was HUGE, and he left very satisfied.  As decorations they had these gigantic wine bottles sitting on the window seal, so of course we had to have some fun with those.  

The evening was low key, spending most of the time getting last minute presents for Dane, and hanging out in Time Square.  Our trip was fabulous.  We had such a wonderful time, we were really sad that it had come to and end.  Friday morning came and we slept in, ate a big breakfast at the hotel, and then headed to the airport to fly out around 1:00.  While at the gate we had a couple celebrity sightings! Katy Courick was at our gate waiting to board our plane!! She was just hanging out with another lady, not trying to call much attention to herself.  The entire gate knew she was there, but everyone was too intimidated to talk to her or take pictures of her.  Also, Vinny from Jersey Shore was also on our plane, Kevin says he isn't a celebrity and didn't understand why people make a big deal out of him.  I just thought it was cool to see people who are on tv on our actual plane!! 
So, now we are back to home with our little man doing the things we normally do. 
and since I put so many pictures on here all my posts about this trip aren't on the same'll have to hit older posts when you get to the bottom of the screen to see the beginning of the week.

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