Saturday, March 19, 2011


Tuesday was a jammed packed day.  It was also probably the coldest day and night that week.  We started off the day by going to see the statue of Liberty and we rode the Stanton Island ferry and rode it back to take pictures of the statue.  It was beyond freezing on the ferry.  I had on ear muffs, and was bundled up but I was freezing to death.  Neat to see the statue though.  We warmed up with some hot chocolate & hot dogs and walked all around that area.  Kevin wanted to see wall street, Trinity Church, Ground Zero, The Stock Exchange and some other history type things.  So, we did that and added in China town and Little Italy as well, along with some shopping.  Had a late lunch at a cute little Italian cafe after quite a bit of shopping.  We never stopped!! 
That night we went to a Broadway show and saw the musical WICKED.  We weren't allowed to take pics while in the show, which was a bummer but it was a GREAT show. We had pretty close seats, and the show lasted for a couple hours.  Kevin said he liked it, but it wasn't something he would want to do all the time.  I think the singing got old to him after a while, but I thought it was fun to do while in NYC.   It was about what happened to the Witch on Wizard of Oz before Dorthy came into the picture.  Very neat show.  
After the Broadway play we headed back to Time Square and messed around there again.  I loved the M&M and Hershey Store!! Dane got the hook up at the HUGE Disney store there at Time Square.  The night was FREEZING!!!!! We toughed it out because we didn't want to hang out in our hotel room, but it was SOOOOOO cold.  Time Square was probably my favorite thing in NYC.  So much to do and see there! 

and what do you think about my gloves??? HA I know they are weird bc the fingers were gone, but they were actually perfect.  Kept my hands warm, and allowed me to use my fingers to snap pics!! I got them on clearance at target right before we left, and they turned out to be a great buy!

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