Friday, March 18, 2011

We Are Back!

New York was amazing.  We had a wonderful time, hated for it to end but we were glad to get home to our little man.  Our week was jammed packed with a whole bunch of fun things.  We felt like we saw it all, but at the same time felt like there was still so much left to see.  This was my 2nd time visiting NYC, but I was 14 years old and on a school trip when I had gone previously, so it was like being in a new city for me just like it was for Kevin.  Not even really sure how or where to start considering I took over 700 pictures...yeah I know, crazy! While we waited to board the plane today I did narrow the pictures down and get rid of a couple hundred that weren't necessary.  I'll have to make my trip into several posts, I believe.

Dane had a great time with his Granny & Poppy.  We talked to him 3-4 times a day, and he was always in a great mood having a wonderful time.  One day I asked him if he was ready for us to come home.  His response was pretty priceless.  He said "Ummmmm.... not yet"!!! To fun-ny!!  He played hard, and got to spend time with my grandparents and niece and nephew as well.
My mom said that he was really good the entire time, had NO accidents whatsoever.  (can I just get a whoohoo for being completely potty trained with the poop and all..ever since I wrote previously about how he pooped twice on the potty he has never looked back!!!) He definitely got lots of attention, and maybe a tad spoiled while we were gone.  There were trips to Target involved with a couple new toys, shirts and several trips to Mc Donald's and Chick Fil-a.  Don't think he missed us much! ha

Some pics that my mom sent

Eating ice cream at my grandparents house

He turned my mom's guest room into his play room for the week

Eating chocolate chip cookies

He fell asleep on Poppy's lap while watching westerns

Things we learned while in NYC, in no particular order:

  • The reputation that New Yorkers have of being rude and unfriendly, harsh or cold personality is a very very very small percentage of the New York population.  We met a ton of New Yorkers and they were all very helpful, friendly, kind, warm etc.  We had to ask every time we turned around where something was located or if we were on the right subway etc, and the locals were always very helpful.  
  • I've always heard that NYC was a walking city, but had no idea exactly how much of a walking city it actually is.  I think we walked a few hundred miles this week.  There is so much to see that you don't realize how far you are walking, but before you know it you have walked 20-30 blocks probably more.  I feel like I need a foot massage after this trip, but loved every minute of it.  
  • NYC has the thinnest pizza crust imaginable. Very very very thin. Kevin says he prefers Chicago style, I just prefer a regular crust layer.  We tried the pizza off one of the street vendors, and also in an Italian pizza cafe, and both were crazy thin.  
  • If you wait til 7:00 pm you can get tickets to Broadway shows for that night at 50-70% off the original price of the ticket.  Wish we had known this before we purchased our expensive Broadway tickets a few months ago.  But, next time we visit NYC we will be buying Broadway tickets at a discounted price.  
  • The St. Patrick Day parade, is HUGE in NYC.  The whole city takes off work and everyone goes to the parade.  But, unlike the Macy's parade during thanksgiving there are no floats in this parade. Only marching bands, military, bag pipes etc.  We kept waiting to see extravagant floats, and then an hour into it we found out that what we were seeing was it... which was very neat by the way, just not what we were expecting.
  • When you go to nice restaurants you will be offered 3 different types of water: sparkling, still, and tap.  Tap is free.  And the other 2 are far from free.  We found that out the hard way when we assumed that tap water was like tap water in Houston...shouldn't drink.  
  • There is a UNION in NYC of paid "extras" for movies.  It sounds funny, but seriously a union.  We ended up seeing these hundreds of people 3 nights while we were there.  There was a movie called New Years Eve being filmed in time square, and so we found a lot about extras in movies. 
  • The food vendors that are on every street corner selling hot dogs, pretzels etc had the best food! We ate off the street several times, and it was so yummy.  
  • People in NYC eat very late dinners.  We would go to dinner around 6 or 7, and the restaurants would be empty.  Then around 8 or 9 the restaurants become packed.
  • Taxi's do not follow the rule pedestrians have the right of way.  They do not care if there are people in the middle of the street.  They will run you over as quick as you can imagine and not think twice about it.  Crazy Crazy Crazy drivers.  
  • NOTHING is cheap in NYC! NOTHING!
  • There are no gas stations/targets/walmarts/grocery stores etc anywhere in the city.  Or... I never saw any and I felt like we walked all around the city.  Where do these people shop or get gas??? 
  • The studios for shows like Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Dr Oz etc are really little. Surprisingly little! And when you see actors being interviewed  and they look like they are looking at the audience, their not at all.  They are actually looking at the camera which are literally a foot from them and the audience isn't directly in front of them, but off to the side almost behind the one being interviewed.  And the person doing the interview is actually reading cue cards, the whole time.  Yep, the secret is out! 

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JAJ said...

NYC's people literally changed 100% after 9\11. Which is a sad thing, but in the end a great thing!
Heck yes for pretzels off the thing eva!
I love that city!