Saturday, March 19, 2011


One of the things we really enjoyed during our trip was getting to stay out as late as we wanted, and actually sleep in.  We didn't have a schedule in the mornings or anything we had to do, so it was just nice to be able to wake up whenever and get ready without being in a rush.  
Wednesday we actually slept pretty late, skipped breakfast and then had a big lunch at Serendipity (where the movie Serendipity took place).  This little restaurant was a neat and eclectic, with menus the size of Texas, and huge portions of food.  They are well known for the frozen hot chocolate, which we knew we wanted to try so we spilt a lunch entree and then were shocked at how LARGE the dessert was.  The frozen hot chocolate was a highlight of the trip!!! It was SOOOO good.  
After lunch we did some more sight seeing before heading to Rockefeller Plaza to see the Jimmy Fallon show.  We had reserved tickets a couple months in advance, but the reservation didn't guarantee a seat since they overbook shows to ensure a sold out audience.  So, we had to get there a couple hours early, and we got tickets!! The tickets were free, so you couldn't complain about the wait.  Definitely well worth it!! The show was a lot of fun. Cameras weren't allowed unfortunately!  Jimmy Fallon interviewed the comedian Amy Poehlor and the Pro golfer Tiger Woods.  Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehlor are hilarious.  The show was great, and really neat to be a part of.  Tiger Woods doesn't have much of a personality, didn't really say much while being interviewed.  But, the show was our favorite thing that we did in New York.  We laughed more in that hour than we did the whole trip.  
We had dinner that night at a fun place called Stardust.  Basically all the waiters/waitress are striving to be on Broadway and so they all take turns singing fun songs that the audience can get involved with all while waiting on tables.  Apparently, this restaurant has gotten hundreds of singers in Broadway shows and started their careers.  We toured more of the city after dinner, found a neat brewery to hang out at and then I ran into one of Dane's favorite characters and had to take a picture with him.  
I showed Dane the picture of me with Spider Man and I thought he would be excited to see.  But, he said "who's in there? Ummmm, it's pabably me in there"  Hilarious!!! He thought it was him in the Spider Man costume.  

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