Saturday, April 30, 2011


A good friend of mine surprised Dane recently by sending him 2 dinosaur masks in the mail.  She knew he liked dinosaurs, so when she saw these she thought of Dane.  Dane loves to dress up, obviously, so you can only imagine how awesome he thought these were.  It was a great surprise, and such a sweet gesture.  
I'm not sure who likes the masks more, though...Dane or Kevin

Dinner & A Movie

There's a drive-in theater here in Tomball that we have been meaning to visit for sometime now, but it has either slipped our mind or they weren't playing a movie that would be suitable for Dane.  But, while at work Friday I remembered to look it up, and it so happened to be playing the movie RIO that evening.    So, we thought it would be fun to go there and have dinner and see the movie.  They have a grill shack where you can order burgers or things like that, and snacks you would see in movie theaters. We ordered burgers for Kevin and I and a corn dog for the little man.  We cheated and brought some popcorn and candy from home instead of buying it at the theater....shhh don't tell.   The admission is really cheap $5, and you are able to see 2 movies with that price.  Not bad if you look at how much tickets are at a real theater.  We piled some big floor pillows in the back of my four runner, so we could park backwards and lounge while watching the movie.  Dane enjoyed playing with all the other kids while we waited for it to get dark.  Rio was a cute movie.  Kevin and I enjoyed it as much as Dane did.  The movie started late, so  about 30 minutes before it ended Dane fell asleep.  Bummer! But, he had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience up til that point.  We didn't stay for the second movie, since it was late and Kevin and I weren't interested in seeing the movie HOP.  But going to the drive-in was a great experience and a lot of fun, and we plan on doing it again!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fire and Ice

This afternoon while at work I saw on facebook that Baskin and Robbins was having a $0.31 scoop night.  That's cheap! If you are doing the math that's 3 scoops of ice cream for about $1! I mentioned it to Kevin, and he declared the evening ice cream night! He actually said he wouldn't mind just skipping dinner and having 3 scoops of ice cream instead.  That would be a negative. 
So, after dinner we went to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream.  I guess the whole city of Cypress got the memo as well.  It was packed, with a line outside the door.  

While we were there enjoying our scoop of deliciousness a fire truck pulled up as the entertainment of the evening.  I'm not sure if Baskin and Robbins do these $0.31 scoop nights often, but they were on top of their game.  They were passing out coupons, had the line organized and moving quickly and had called in some firemen to show all the kids a fire truck.  Right up Dane's alley.  So, after eating our scoops we headed outside and spent the next 30 minutes if not more letting Dane play on the truck.  He was in Hog Heaven.  

And how ironic is it that he just happened to be wearing his fireman rain boots... We had no idea there would be a fire truck at the ice cream shop, just like we had no idea that everyone in Cypress would declare tonight ice cream night.  
I scream You scream We all scream for Ice Cream!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter was a lot of fun this year.   We started off the morning having to wake Spider Man up because he chose Easter morning to be the one time a year that he actually slept in.  The Easter Bunny hid his basket this year, but left a couple eggs out where Dane would see them.  The first egg had one of his new favorites in it... gummy worms.  I don't think he really knew what he was suppose to be looking for, but he was excited to find the 2 eggs that were out.  We had to tell him to look for his basket, and he seemed a bit confused, so Kevin told him the basket was hiding in something and pointed in the direction of where the basket was.  Dane ran over to the tv stand and said "you mean this?" lol But, once he opened the armoire he got SOO excited to see a basket full of fun things.  
Most of the stuff in the basket came from the $1 spot at Target... or so I was told from the Bunny.  In his basket was a cars coloring book, a new book that is perfect for bedtime reading, some glow in the dark stars to put in his room, an action figure that Kevin says is Batman's friend, a couple cars and 2 dinosaurs that can be played with in the bathtub, and of course a little bit of candy.  He loved it all, and was so excited. 

We had him look outside after digging in his basket to see all the eggs the Easter Bunny left for him.  He never disappoints with how excited he gets.  He ran around and found all the eggs in matter of minutes.  He didn't need coaxing or anything this year.  
Check out how short his Spider Man costume is getting... his very 1st pair of Capri's.  He has worn this costume out... the entire left side is just one big hole.  But, he still loves it!!

After doing the Easter Bunny festivities it was time to celebrate what Easter is really about! Christ has Risen! He has Risen indeed!! We got ready for an amazing Easter service at our church.  
Look how stinking cute little man looked!!! The service was great.  I always love the message given on Easter.  The ultimate sacrifice was given so we can live eternally in heaven.  What an amazing Easter gift!! 

Our church had a brunch after the service with some yummy food.  It was so nice to not have to worry about lunch, after church.  We really enjoyed getting to see friends while eating a delicious meal.... such a great Easter Morning!

After the brunch there was a Easter egg hunt for all the kiddos. Dane once again racked up on a basket full of eggs.  We changed him out of his really cute new shoes into his tennis shoes, so he would be able to run fast and get as many eggs as he could.  We didn't go out into the area with him, it wasn't needed.  He just ran out there like he owned the place.  Such an Easter egg hunt pro.  It was so much fun watching little man have the time of his life.  

Monster Eggs

When we got home from the beach Saturday evening we checked the mail and saw that Dane had a package from his grandparents in New York.  We didn't even tell him it was for him, but he just knew! So, of course he was asking over and over to open it.  He gets so excited about presents.  It's so funny.  So, we got on skype with Grandpa and Grandma so they could watch him open his Easter present.  Lots of fun things for the little man.  

Then it was time to DIE EGGS!! What fun! Dane did better this year, and totally understood what we were doing and got completely into it.  I got a monster kit this year, which was so much fun and I think they turned out so cute.  We didn't have a whole dozen of eggs to die.  After a long day we didn't think it was necessary to go to the store and get more, so we just used what we had, which ended up being plenty.  We let Dane put all the eggs in the cups, and he got to decorate all them with stickers.  We would ask him if he wanted the egg to have hair or not, and sometimes he did and sometimes not.  

The colors turned out really good this year...very vibrant! Guess what color was Dane's favorite... BLUE! How did you guess?  If ever he has a choice he will always choose the color blue.  

Look at Dane with some of the egg crew.  Such cute monsters!

Kevin and I had a little competition.  We decided to each decorate an egg, and then get people to vote which monster egg they like the best without knowing who did which egg.  I put this picture on facebook, and had my friends vote.   
Here's our eggs...

And the winner of this friendly competition....

BLUE EGG!!!!!!   

And the person who did the blue egg...

Yes, that would be me!!! I won!! Yeah!! Kevin was a tad bitter, and thought the competition was rigged.  lol 

But, aren't our monster eggs just the cutest????

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beach Bums

Saturday morning we left Orange pretty early and headed to the beach to meet some of Kevin's friends from his work.  We were almost to Beach Road near Crystal Beach when the traffic came to a complete halt.  Weirdest thing... There was a herd of about 100- 200 cows being lead by a couple cowboys from one field and then across the highway. Once they were all across the highway, which felt like it took forever, the cowboys had them just walking along the side of the highway.  How often do you see traffic stopped because a herd of cows is crossing the street? So random!!

We rode on the ferry to get to Galveston.  Dane enjoyed riding on the "big" boat, and watching Kevin throw bread to the sea gulls.  

We went to the East beach in Galveston.  I've never been to this part of the island, but so glad Kevin's friends suggested this part.  It's very clean besides the sea weed that Galveston has ever where, and not too many people I guess know about this section.  When driving in we drove past the beaches near the sea wall, and they were jammed packed with people.  But, where we were there was hardly anyone there.  Very nice.  
Dane had an absolute blast.  We packed a bunch of beach toys, but he didn't play with any of them much.  The majority of the time he was in the water playing, running away from the waves etc.  
It was pretty hot and very windy, but we managed for no one to get burned.  
Dane had so much fun! I wish that Galveston was a prettier beach and had clear water, and I would go more often.  

My little beach bum

We met 2 of Kevin's friends and their families at the beach. This is baby Carsen as Dane calls her. She just turned 2, and she is so cute.