Monday, May 30, 2011

Love Holiday Weekends

  Sunday we ventured over to Orange.  Tabitha was in town for her nephew's 16th birthday, and invited us over for his crawfish boil/party at her sister's house. They had a big inflatable slip and slide that as you can tell from the pictures Dane and Gage had a blast running on.  Great way to cool off, because man oh man it was so hot. It's going to be a hot summer, and I am not looking forward to it.  Tabitha's brother in law cooked the crawfish, and according to Kevin it was great, and seasoned really well. I wouldn't know, since I along with the kids ate a hot dog! Ha Kevin ate 3 trays full of crawfish. Safe to say he got his fix, and he got to catch up with Tabitha's hubby Chad and her brother in law.   Tabitha and I ran around trying to keep the boys happy and out of trouble, all while sneaking in convo here and there.  
I failed to get a pic of me and Tabitha.  Little bitter about that.  But, after we had been there for several hours both Gage and Dane were getting cranky and tired, so we got distracted. 
But, we had a great day yesterday.  So happy we got to hang with the Jarmons!  

This is the birthday boy, Blaine.  He was expecting to get his dad's truck for his birthday, and his parents decided to play a joke on him.  They borrowed a car that was completely falling apart and a bit of a hoopty if you will and decorated it and had balloons tied to it with his name on the windshield etc.  Pretty funny! He was smiling, but at the same time freaking out.  In the end he got his dad's truck, and was really happy.  
Don't let this almost empty tray fool you... Kevin definitely got his fair share

After the crawfish boil we spent the evening and this morning hanging with my parents.  David grilled and my mom made a yummy Memorial Day Lunch today.  Dane of course, enjoyed being spoiled by his grandparents and his cousins.  The mosquitoes were terrible at their house, so Dane got bit quite a bit when we were outside. :( No pics of him with Granny or Poppy this time.  Oops.  
Anyway, we had a great memorial weekend and I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  

This could burn your retinas...

Please have your sunglasses near.

All I can say is that I am REALLY white.  Painfully white. 

Sorry in advance.

Saturday, my friend Tamara came into town to hang out with us for the day and spend the night.  I don't get to see this chick as often as I would like, since she lives a couple hours away.  But, we never lack a good time when she is in town.  She's one of those friends who never expects much, and is perfectly content with anything we end up doing.  We decided to spend the afternoon at the pool chilling and relaxing.  We were actually there for 4 hours, and were so surprised when we left and saw what time it was.  It was so hot.  Like miserable hot. Welcome Summer! I had to put a hat on pretty quick into the afternoon so my face wouldn't get burned, but still managed to get a screwed up tan  burn on my back.  Somehow I missed the entire middle section of my back when applying sunscreen.  Looks very Lovely trashy.  Dane refused to wear his hat, so he got smothered in sunscreen every 30 minutes or so.  

Speaking of sunscreen, when we were at our house packing up our bags to hit the pool Tamara asked if she could borrow some.  So, I pulled out our collection.  She was a tad surprised when I gave her the options. 

4 bottles of 50 SPF
2 bottles of 70 SPF

She cracked me up as she looked at all of them, and said "Jayne, you are kidding me, What are you like 5.  You don't have any that's under 30"  HAHA I guess this would be why I am so pasty white. 
Yeah, I've always been very fair skin, and Dane is even more fair than I am, so I guess my days of getting burned on purpose just to get a tan are long gone. Ah, those were the good ol days when I was young and stupid.  Having a fair skin kid, and I guess working in the cancer field will do that to ya.  HA

Anyway, we had a great time swimming.  Dane loved floating on the noodle, and kicking all over.  He wanted to swim from the steps to us over and over, and he really enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool quite a bit as well. Tamara and I got all caught up on the latest gossip, and laughed our tails off.  We came home that evening and Kevin and Tamara ate sushi, while I had my favorite- Mexican.  The sun wore us completely out, and we were all ready to call it a night by 8:30.  Yeah, we are so old!

Come back soon Tamara!!!

if you compare me to Tamara's tan... then yes you need to be wearing some very very very dark sunglasses.  geez.
I knew I was white... no doubt, but next to Tamara I look albino.

How about a handful of one time?
they were very deep in conversation

This is how Tamara was about every hour...talking to her new boyfriend! Little love bugs!