Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A great place for a date...

Oh it's good to have a day off!! Can I get an Amen??
I declared this off day to be a day that I have a date with my lil man.  Kevin was needing some alone time away from the boy, and I was having some mommy guilt from just being busy so Dane and I spent the day together.  
We started off the morning with going and getting him a much needed hair cut.  We ended up with the same hair dresser as last time, which if I'm being honest was very disappointed to see her again. She looks exactly like Charo! lol  Dane's hair got chopped that I ended up having to stop and tell her enough is enough.  *sigh*
I'm hoping when it's fixed with a little hair gel it won't look as if he is being drafted into the army.  Oh well, his hair grows fast and it's hot anyway so a short cut is probably for the best.

Several of these pics are from my cell, so their not great.  

After his hair cut we went to his swimming lesson.  We ended up getting there too early to go in, so we stopped by McDonald's to get a drink and then hung out in my car and played while we waited.  He still loves to pretend to drive.
 He thought standing up through my sunroof was the funniest thing ever. He's so silly.  He did great at his lesson today.  Unfortunately, his class is on the opposite side of the pool from the viewing glass, so I haven't been able to get any recent pictures or videos of him swimming.  

I told him if he was good for his haircut and swimming lessons we would go on a date at a fun place.  He has been in such a great mood all day, and acting so sweet towards me. He kept telling me "I like to be a sweet boy because it makes mommy oh so happy". 
So, we went to a bouncy place called Monkey Joe's which was only a couple miles from his swimming lesson.  He had a blast, obviously.  He loves to do the obstacle courses and all the big slides.  After a little while of being there we each got a slice of pizza, and shared a drink.  Then he was back to running around and being a little monkey.  We ended up staying there for about 2 1/2 hours!! Time went by so fast!!  While we were sitting there eating our pizza I asked him if he was having fun on our date. He nodded and then said "mommy this is a great place for a date"! 

Ever since we have been back home we have been cuddling on the couch watching cartoons. 

It was a day we both needed!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

1000 blog posts!

2 posts ago I hit 1000 posts!! I just realized it when publishing the last one.  How is that even possible???  I can't believe that I have posted 1000 times to this blog in the last 3 1/2 years.  Just call me Chatty Cathy.  Geez.
I'm glad I have kept up with the blog though.  There has been so many times I have been asked when Dane did this or that, or when something took place and I will have no idea and can't remember.  But, this blog has it all stored for me.  I wish that I would have started doing it before Dane.  

Anywho... it's been a nice weekend. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  I have a normal week next week, and then the next will be a short week for me, so something to look forward too.  It's been a good weekend.  I love weekends like this.  

Friday I spent the evening with these 2 things cuddled in my bed...while Kevin watched baseball in the other room and Dane went back and forth keeping us both company.

my all time favorite romantic movie and ice cream.
It makes me cry every single time I watch it, and I've watched it too many times to count.  
Today after church we had lunch at McAlister's that place.  They have the best baked potatoes and tea.  While waiting for our food Kevin and Dane stayed entertained by making mustaches with the straw covers.  My boys are 2 peas in a pod.

And then we spent most of the afternoon at the pool chilling and relaxing.  
Dane had a blast as usual. He loves the water slide, and even went down face first several times today.  He is a true water bug for sure.  Last year at this time he would not leave the steps, and there was no way he would get his face or hair wet.  Now, he throws toys down to the floor of the pool and goes completely under to retrieve the toy.  He did this today over and over.  What a difference a year makes.  His swimming lessons have been wonderful.  

We weren't home even 10 mins from the pool when we found Dane like this in the tv room.  He had worn himself completely out at the pool.

Another Birthday in the house

Saturday afternoon Christy, Dane and I headed to College Station to have dinner with our sweet friend, Becca to celebrate her birthday. Her birthday isn't til July 4th, but we celebrated a little early.  I love that College Station is only 45 minutes from my house!! Makes it so easy to go there for an afternoon.  
Becca is a girlfriend of mine from when I lived in College Station, and was in x-ray school.  After we were finished with x-ray school we were both continuing on with education in different parts of Texas, and ended up losing touch for a couple years.  But, I'm so happy that the last 3 years things have happened to bring us back into each other's lives.  She is a great friend, and we always have a great time when we are together.  And in the last couple years she has now become really good friends with Christy too.  It's weird how my circles of friends from different parts of my life are all tangling together now.  But, I love that.  We are all just one big happy family. :) 
We met at Koppe Bridge, a restaurant famous for their hamburgers.  And they were delish! We brought cupcakes and gifts for her, and just hung out and chit chatted until the wait staff started putting the chairs on top of the tables, and giving us looks that it was closing time.  Dane was on his best behavior.  He met a friend who was his age, and they played off in a corner where there were video games pretty much the entire time.  Great evening!! 
Happy Birthday Becca!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Next time I'm in charge of the popcorn, you get the seats

You wanna hear a funny story?? 

Ok, so here we go. 

So, the movie Cars 2 is finally out!! Horray! We've been waiting so long for it to come out, and Dane was very excited.  After hearing so many of my friends already had their tickets to the show before it came out, I got nervous that the Saturday morning show would also be sold out.  So, Friday morning I had Kevin get our tickets for the Saturday morning show, luckily. 

We get to the theater about 10:20 this morning, and the line for the snacks was crazy long.  Dane needed to use the bathroom, so I tell Kevin that while he is taking Dane to the bathroom and getting popcorn (remember I said the popcorn part) I would go ahead and grab some seats, so we wouldn't get stuck sitting too close to the screen.  

So, off I go to the ticket lady, and she looks at my ticket and tells me that my show was in theater 6... perfect.  The theater was starting to get pretty packed with people, but I was able to get some good seats.  The theater was pitch black though, with exception to these tiny lights on the stairs.  Thought it was weird, but whatever.  Usually, theaters are playing commercials on the screen before the previews start, but the screen wasn't on.  I texted Kevin to let him know that it was pretty dark in the theater, and to explain where I was sitting so he could find me.  Didn't get a response.  So 10 minutes go by, it's now 10:30 the theater is getting busier, still pretty dark and no sign of my boys.  My initial thought was "jeez the popcorn line was very long for a 10:40 AM show".  10:40 goes by, and still no sign of Kevin and Dane.  I text Kevin again, this time with a where are you text? Again, no response.  I'm a tad curious why they hadn't started showing previews yet, or even turning on the screen.  11:00 rolls around, and by this time I'm like where the heck are they, and why is the movie starting so late.  So, I'm literally sitting there staring at the direction of where people are coming in looking for the boys, and I start to feel a tad nervous thinking what if something happened to them.  Another 10 more minutes go by, and by this point I'm frustrated, and I have a quick thought that I could possibly be in the wrong movie!?!?!? There's no way!!  The lady told me theater 6, which had a Cars sign on top of the door.  

So, I turn and ask a lady near me if this was the 10:40 Cars show, and she tells me no.  This is the 11:40 show.  She said that all these people are in this one because the 10:40 show was sold out, so they were all just hanging out until the next movie started.  You are kidding me.  Seriously???
So, I quickly make my way out of a packed theater, in the dark mind you, feeling very embarrassed and little annoyed. 

I ask the same ticket lady who told me theater 6 which theater the 10:40 show is taking place, and she's like oh, I told you the wrong one.  It's in 8.  Um, yeah...thanks for that. 
So, I make my way to 8, stand in the front of a packed house feeling like the whole world is looking at me walking into a movie 30 minutes late, and then I see Kevin waving his arms to get my attention.  EMBARRASSING!

Get to my seat and Kevin and Dane are just enjoying the movie like nothing had happened.  Like they didn't even notice that I was not with them. :( I asked Kevin if he was planning to come find me?  He said "oh I figured you were in another movie, and would figure it out that you were in the wrong theater at some point".
 Then I said you weren't worried that something could have happened to me? Kevin's response - "it's a movie theater, what could happen"
Yeah, feeling the love. 
So, then I notice he has empty hands. 
Me- "Um, did you not get popcorn??"
Kev- "No, I didn't know you wanted me to get popcorn"
You are kidding, right?
 We only talked about getting popcorn the entire morning leading up to the show, the car ride to the theater, then again when entering the place.  Why on earth would he think I wanted popcorn?   Too funny, is all I can say.  So, I missed the 1st few minutes of the movie.  Dane enjoyed it though, that's all that matters.  He gave the movie 2 thumbs up.   

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We eat all we can and sell the rest

I'm a little pooped to be honest.  It's been a crazy weekend.  After my fabulous Saturday I got about 3 hours of sleep, woke up early Sunday morning and ventured down to Orange to have lunch with my dad for father's day, and then spend some time with my step dad.  Kevin stayed home.  It was part of his father's day present, to have the day to himself.  He had peace and quiet the entire day, and he pretty much vegged out.  I had Dane give him his "real" present a couple days before.  After a few hours in Orange Dane and I came back to Cypress.  Short trip, but I enjoyed spending father's day with them.  No pics. I was too tired to even think about it. 

Later that evening Kevin's mom got into town.  Jackie came to visit us for a couple days, and will be going back to New York tomorrow morning.  We didn't do anything but watch TV Sunday evening, and just catch up.  Monday we took a little field trip to the Blue Bell Factory in Brenham.  We have all been before, but it had been over a decade for all of us, so we thought it would be something fun to do while she was in town.  Dane was excited to get ice cream.  He wasn't too thrilled with the tour part, but he did ok.  We had a good time, and of course all enjoyed a big scoop of ice cream at the end of the tour.  I think my favorite part was seeing them in their blue bell hats. HAHA  

Dane's fake smile...gotta love it

Monday, June 20, 2011

That's How We Roll

So, I had the most fabulous weekend ever.
One definitely for the record books. 
A weekend to remember always.

I spent Saturday with this girl.
My girl Tabitha.
Because it was her birthday.
We've been celebrating each other's birthdays since I was 18 and she was 19. 
You know, Just a couple years. Ha

I also got to spend the whole day/night with all these peeps. 
My all time favorite peeps I must add.  
Love these girls to the moon and back. 
And of course Mr Chad as well, since he is Tab's other half.

Oh, and yeah this was our ride for the celebration.
You know. Nothing fancy or anything.
Just a private plane. 
Just a plane that picked up the birthday girl in Dallas along with 2 of our girls.
Then flew to Tomball and picked 3 more of us up.
Made a stop in Lafayette to pick up 1 more.
and then dropped us all off in New Orleans for an evening of fun.
 and brought us all home that night.

Just another normal Saturday for us. 
No biggie.  

Just living the high life.
Feeling fancy.
Living Large. 

You know how we do. 
It's how we roll.

I think Chad might have set the bar kind of high.
Tab might be the only person I know who gets a private plane ride.
To her favorite city.
And her favorite restaurant.
With her favorite people.

We have might have felt a tad bit fabulous.
And spoiled.
And really excited.
   Took a Chi Omega family tree picture.
Which I haven't done in years.
     Nothing like sorority big sisters.
Tab was my big sister.
And Alyson was Tab's big.
Can I get a Hootie Hoo.

Tab's sister Vicki might have been a tiny bit afraid of flying.
Or maybe a lot afraid. 
But, she did it to celebrate her little sister's birthday.
We were all very proud of her. 

We might have had the time of our lives. 
And laughed the entire day/night.
And ate some good food.

There might have been some raw oysters and calamari ingested before dinner.
And I'm pretty sure I had none of either.
But, I did try veal for the 1st time. 
And I might have ordered chicken for my dinner.
Which came as a huge surprise to everyone.

And we might have gotten some weird looks at dinner.
Because there was one guy with 7 women.

And so we might have pretended that we were on tv.
And our show was the Sisters Wives.
And I think there were a few that believed us.

And the heat and humidity was in full force.
Like 150 degrees.
So, we might have looked like a hot sweaty mess at the end of the night.
Not so fabulous with hair slicked back, and beat red faces.

The night involved some dancing.
And ended with some cafe de monde beignets.
And as I mentioned before.
A lot of laughter.

And I might have ridden in the cockpit next to the pilot on the way home. 
And not gotten a picture of it. 
And this might have been the best birthday I have ever celebrated with 
I think just maybe.