Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A game of memory

Hmm which card should I pick??
I got a match!


Has to line everything up 

Can you guess what happened here?

The winner...

She Arrives!!

Hadley is here!! We couldn't be more excited for Lindsay and Patrick. Lindsay was induced this morning around 6:00, and Hadley came into this world around 4! 
Both Lindsay and baby girl are doing great!! 
We can't wait to see her this weekend, and I'm curious how Dane will react to her.  I'm excited that Dane will have a cousin now to play with and will grow up with her. He has been the youngest great-grand child, so he will have to show Hadley the ropes!!  

Congrats Lindsay and Patrick! 

4 books

Day 7
4 books

this is hard since I don't really have much time to read books
so I'll give some books that was a favorite growing up

1. Blubber
2. Are you there God, it's me Margaret
3. Sweet Valley High
4.  Fudge

as you can tell... I really liked Judy Blume books... do y'all remember these books???

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 foods

Day 6-
5 foods

1. My mom's home made mac & cheese
I'm telling you it's to die for. So Cheesy.  LO-VE it!

2. Hubby's chicken enchiladas
Y'all... they are so good. 
He makes them for my parents sometimes when we are in town,
and he scores major bonus points towards best son in law award

3.  My mom's chicken spaghetti
She's getting lots of love today for her cooking.
It's delicious for real.

4. Escalantes Mexican Grill's white Queso
need I say more??

5.  Cheddars Alfredo pasta

Bitter Sweet

It was a bitter sweet weekend.  
We hung out in Orange again, spending time with my family.  We had lots of family in town including my Uncle Gary, my mom's younger brother who lives in California for the week.  It's always great times when he is in town.  He is considered the "fun" uncle, such a fun person to be around.  We spent the entire weekend socializing with family and spending time with my grandparents.  Every time we turned around someone was bringing food or desserts over to the house.  There are a lot of people who love my grandparents and who are showing their support by providing food.  It kind of felt like we were celebrating Thanksgiving in some ways, since the whole family was at my grandparents at one time. I love how my family has all come together to be with my grandparents. And I love that I'm getting to see my family quite a bit, and spend so much quality time together. But, on the downside we were all there because my grandmother is sick.  And, it's starting to take it's toll on her.  Just from last weekend she is getting quite a bit weaker, has a lot less energy, she doesn't have much of an appetite, and isn't able to stay up as long.  It's hard.  It's Extremely hard to watch someone you care so much about go down hill.  And, it's so painful to watch your grandpa go through what he is going through.  
It's a Rough road that we are on.  Please continue to keep my family in your prayers.  

Monday, August 29, 2011

6 Places

Day 5 -
6 places
I've lived in

Home is where the Heart is...

1. "The Fruit"
aka Orange

2.  Huntsvegas
aka Huntsville
"Eat Em Up Kats"

3.  Bryan/College Station

4.  Sugarland

5.  Houston- 1 city, 3 locations

6. Cypress

Sunday, August 28, 2011

7 wants

Day 4 --
7 Wants

1.  More time with these two

2.  A babysitter in Houston so me and my love can have a night out

3.  I mentioned shopping spree earlier... yes, I want some new clothes, shoes and maybe even a purse :)

4.  Cooler Weather... seriously the 100+ temperatures are getting old, seriously old
5.  A little Pampering... mani/pedi and maybe a massage

6.  A girl's night... desperate need of some girl talk

7.  See this Movie

Friday, August 26, 2011

8 fears

Day 3 - 8 Fears
A little Random, but whatever

1.  Losing family
2.  Something bad happening to my boys
3.  Poor Health
4. Being attacked by a wild dog (sounds crazy- but big dogs freak me out when they look mean)
5. Public Speaking (hardest class in college- Speech)
6.  Not being Loved
7.  Losing all my pictures/videos (wouldn't that be a tragedy!)
8. Being kidnapped/robbed (this girl can totally freak herself joke)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

9 Loves

Day 2- 9 Loves

1.  My Boys... obviously

2.  Cold Weather

3. Christmas

4. My grandparents

5. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

6. Some Aggie football

7. Chips and Queso

8. Taking pictures

9. Traveling

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 secrets

I'm totally stealing this idea from my friend Julie.  10 day challenge all about me...
Here we go

Day 1- 10 secrets

1.  Kevin lets Dane sleep in my bed with me when he knows that I am extra sad or down in the dumps.

2.  On the mornings that I have to be at work at 5:30 I do my makeup and put my socks and shoes on in the car while driving to work.  It's all I can do to get up at 4:20 and wash and dry my hair before leaving for work at 4:55 AM

3. I cry when I'm angry, and I absolutely hate that. It softens up my case, and makes people feel sorry for me instead of understanding why I'm mad.

4. I'm terrible about filling up my car with gas. I probably tell Kevin once a week that I could possibly run out of gas, and that I only have like 5 miles left to get to a gas station. He has only had to rescue me once though in the 6 years we have been together.... So, maybe I'm pretty good at not filling up my tank?? HA

5. I have horrible handwriting. I wish I had cutsie girlie handwriting, but it's more like chicken scratch.

6. I can steer my car really well with my left knee, and do it quite often when driving for long periods of time.

7.  The second I walk in the door from work I put on either pj pants or a pair of Kevin's boxer shorts with a big t-shirt as long as I don't have anywhere else to go.  Comfy is my middle name.

8. The left eye of my new glasses contains no prescription, only the right eye.  As weird as that is I can see really good with the glasses on.  And the headaches behind my left eye no longer hurts.  Guess it isn't having to strain anymore with the prescription in the right.

9. I'm feeling like I need some major retail therapy soon... shhhhhh!! don't tell Kev

10.  It literally took me all day at work to come up with ten "secrets" I don't mind sharing! Ha

You wanna know what Houston traffic looks like??

My little man can build it for you...

Well, this is what traffic looks like on a good day in Houston.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A PJ kind of day

It's been a lazy lazy day here at my house.  I'm off work today, and just feeling tired from the chaos called life.  Dane and I have been taking it easy today, and just playing and hanging out.  I woke up this morning and decided that we wouldn't be doing anything that required leaving the house today. I'm just tired and not feeling like getting presentable today.  First thing this morning I got dinner prepped and all put together in the fridge just waiting to be baked and I took care of a few things around the house all before 9:00. I felt so accomplished! Ha! Dane and I cuddled and watched a movie shortly after, then spent the rest of the morning playing in his play room till it was time for him to go down for a nap.  And he didn't even fight it today like he normally does.  He must be feeling the exhaustion I am feeling.  
Just hoping that he naps long enough for me to watch the Rachel Zoe marathon that is on Bravo! HAHA
Oh Lazy Day, how I love you today