Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swim Team?

Here's a quick video of Dane swimming yesterday at his lesson.  At the end of each lesson they get to slide down the water slide.  Before he moved up to this class Heidi would have a mat that she would catch them with at the bottom of the slide.  But, now that he is a dolphin she stands quite a bit away from them in the pool and has them swim to her.  Usually the kids float on their back and just kick their feet til they get to her, but the last couple weeks Dane floats and kicks and then flips over and swims for a bit and then flips back to his back and so forth.  He doesn't stay on his stomach under the water too long before turning back to his back.  But he isn't afraid to do so whatsoever!  He is really becoming quite the fish lately.  Right now in his lessons he is learning how to do strokes when swimming on his stomach.  He still has a LO-NG way to go, and lots more to learn.  But, he might just be the next Michael Phelps when he is older! HA I'm shocked at how much he actually likes being under the water!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Do you ever feel like you are just out of sync with your life?  Like the world is spinning at such a fast pace that you just feel so unbalanced?  That you can't pin point exactly how you feel at any given time, and you just feel blah about your current situation.  I'll be honest, I'm in a weird place right now.  I'm not happy nor sad. Just here. Not content, but not motivated.  Beyond sick of Houston and all the stuff that goes with it like job and traffic and our location. Been feeling like I'm on different pages than everyone else around me, or not feeling completely connected to those I'm closest with. I'm feeling misunderstood, a lot. Feeling like things I'm saying or jokes I'm making or opinions I voice aren't coming across the way I truly want them too.  Feeling guilty if I do this or decide to not do that.  Having insecurities about parenting and friendships, and questioning things over and over.  And still feeling pretty sick over the outcome of my Nannaw.  Looking back, and still feeling in denial.
I'm in need of some changes, I'm just not sure what those changes need to be.  
Anyone else ever feel this way? 
Maybe some cooler weather would help?? Can those up higher in the states send some nice cool weather down here please???

I did get in the baking mood yesterday, and made some yummy chocolate cupcakes... and it did help a tiny bit! I even added sprinkles to bring a little extra joy.  

I took the day off today, and it felt great to do so.  Our vacation time is a little different than most in that it ends at the end of October and starts over in November.  We only get paid for some vacation days at the end if we haven't used them, but personal time off days we basically lose.  So, I usually leave a couple days for "just in case", and then come end of September/beginning of October I take a couple days off so I don't lose the days.  No plans today other than try to get my house in some sort of an order and play with Dane.  But, it was nice knowing I was suppose to be at work, and wasn't! 

Today Dane FINALLY learned how to pedal his batmobile.  I'm not really sure he actually "learned" or if today was just the day he decided to actually do it.  We have been trying to "teach" him for what seems like an eternity.  He never wanted to.  Always wanted to use his feet on the ground instead.  Dane can be pretty stubborn and strong willed, so you never know if he can't "do" something or if he is choosing to not do it.  But, of course being the paranoid mom I can be sometimes I started thinking that maybe he couldn't pedal because of his hip surgery.  You know the surgery that took place like in 2009. I guess that hip thing will never be completely gone from my mind.  But, the batmobile was in our house, and I was cleaning the kitchen when he just pedaled into where I was!! He was very proud of himself, and even said "Oh look what I do mommy. Daddy will be so proud and get me surprise" HAHA So, I cheered, told him I was so proud and that Daddy would be proud also, but he probably wouldn't get a surprise.  He said "yeah pabably so".
So, I took him down by the lake and let him ride his bike for a while! He had a lot of fun!! It was still pretty early in the morning, so it didn't feel too bad outside.  He's not great with steering while pedaling yet, so I had to keep straightening him up so he didn't take a nose dive into the water.  
We had a fun morning, I got some cleaning and laundry done today, and Dane took a long nap while I caught up on some DVR shows. Good day off!
And back to work tomorrow...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

No Words...

Ok, I have words.

Really Aggies???
You had a 20-3 lead at halftime.
You had the home field advantage.
You have the talent. 
Was your pep talk during halftime not good enough??
I mean, seriously what was the 3rd quarter??? 
Could you even consider that "playing"??
The last couple minutes you really had a chance. 
A big chance to either kick a field goal to tie the game.
Or better yet,
 Score a touchdown to win the game. 
But with less than a minute left 
you let them intercept the ball. 

(shaking my head) what a disappointment. 
Thanks hubby will now be cranky the rest of the season.

We'll be back in our Aggie gear next week
cheering you on
and hoping for a better outcome!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

They didn't get the memo

This morning was suppose to be "Get Your Jersey" and "Meet your Coach" Day.  
We were really excited, Dane was so happy to get to wear his soccer cleats.
I was looking forward to taking pictures of Dane with his coach, and meeting his team and getting all the info for his games that starts next week.  


there was a miscommunication.  So, this ended up being a "show up, receive your jersey, oh and you are here at the wrong time and we will see you next week" day. 
 Basically, I had gotten a couple emails this week with different times of when Dane's team was scheduled to get their jersey.  So, I called the office 3 different occasions this week to figure out "the correct time", or which email was the right one.  YES, 3 times! Oh, and I talked to the same person each time!  The paper in my Calendar on this Saturday was literally paper thin from all the erasing that I did.  9:00, no 9:30, no 10:30, I'm sorry 9:30, just kidding it really is 10:30.  
And because I didn't trust it, I called again yesterday to confirm. Yep, 10:30. 

So, we showed up at 10:15, because you know I'm always early.  And guess what? We were an hour late.  Well, I take that back.  We were on time, but the coach was told 9:30, and half the team showed up then because they didn't notice that the time on the website had been changed.  
I was so disappointed, and Dane didn't understand why we weren't meeting the coach or doing anything soccer related after pumping him up all morning about it.   

But, he did get his jersey.  It's blue and it's reversible.  So on the "away" games you can flip it and it's white.  

I didn't get any pictures from the "get your jersey" day.  I mean we were literally there about 2.5 minutes.  :(

SO, I took a couple once we got home, because oh my goodness he was so stinking cute in his jersey and soccer shorts that are huge on him with his big soccer socks covering his shin guards and his cleats. Such a cutie.  You can't see his number from the front, but he is #48!! 
Let's go 48 let's go!!
Nice ring to it, don'cha think??  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Super Hero Overload

I know it's still early to be talking Halloween costumes, but if you know anything about me I then you know come September I am already thinking about Halloween, Christmas and even Dane's birthday.  Call me crazy.  
I'm pretty sure that the days are over that I get to just walk into a Halloween store and pick a costume for Dane with no fight or opinion from the little man.
I mean we all remember this right?? He was the happiest lobster imaginable.  He was very happy with my decision!

And then you have this.  The strongest fireman in Cypress! No fight there!

And then of course the best purchase I ever made! I picked Spider Man because of his new love for the superhero, had no idea he would love the costume as much as he did. It just might have been the best parenting thing I have done to this day considering he still wears it now.

  He has become quite the decision maker in the last year, and has opinions now and can voice his likes and dislikes.  We got a Halloween magazine in the mail recently, and he looks at it quite a bit and tells us what he wants to dress up as this year.  Of course, it changes literally everyday.  He has narrowed it down to just a couple...

a couple hundred

Iron Man

Captain America

The Flash


Mario and Luigi

Spider Man again


The Hulk
Green Lantern


I'm thinking it's going to be hard for him to decide if i bring him into a Halloween store.  I'm really hoping that when I buy one he won't wish he was something else later on.  It's going to be tricky tricky this year, no doubt.  I may have to do a little "brainwashing" before the big purchase, and really talk up the costume we plan on getting so he sticks with that decision and is a happy camper at Halloween.  I'm pretty sure it's a safe bet that he will be another super hero this year.  I've suggested pirates, dragons, race car drivers etc, but he says no to all of those and yes to the super heroes! 

Who knows what we will end up with.
Pretty sure it won't be a cute lobster.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Wednesday without work...
...a visit from Granny
Hours of shopping...
...Mexican food
Good behavior...
...Present for a reward
Quality Time...

Perfection for a day!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I mean seriously...

Could he be any cuter???

And any more of a ham???

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Parent's night out/ Aggieland

I can honestly say this weekend was a great one.  The past 7 weeks have been filled with so much sadness and heartache, so this one was much needed for my heart.  
Friday night Dane's school had parents night out.  They do it once a month, and we have never participated because I always feel guilty if he has been in school all day to send him back that evening while we have a night out.  But, Kevin and I have spent zero time together lately so I put the momma guilt aside and agreed to send Dane back to his school for a couple hours.  We didn't do anything special,  just went out for Mexican food at Lupe Tortillas but it was a fun night.  We had about a 30 minute wait for a table so we were able to just sit and talk, something we aren't able to do very often.  I'm  sure the waitress was so ready for us to leave because we were there for-ever! We took our time ordering and eating, and then even sat there for a while afterwards.  We took full advantage that we didn't have the little man with us, since normally eating at a restaurant means eating as fast as you can so everyone stays on their best behavior. HaHa  We really had a great evening, and Dane had so much fun that night which made me feel even better about leaving him.  They got to play outside for a little while until it got dark and then had games set up in the "big" gym as he calls it and then they ended the night by watching a movie.  Parent night out may become something we do from time to time since we need a night alone occasionally, and Dane seemed to really have a great time.  Sadly, I didn't bring my camera with me to the restaurant, so no pics from the evening.  :(

I made up for the no pictures on Saturday though, so get ready.  We drove to Aggieland  Saturday to participate in the pre-game festivities.  We didn't get tickets to the game, but we knew it would be fun to hang out and watch the Aggie parade.  Once we were there we were bummed we didn't have tickets, because we were having so much fun.  It rained before everything got started so it was pretty humid while we were there which was a bummer.  Come on Fall, get here already!! 
 Dane was so cute, he kept telling people that they had the same shirt that he had on... imagine that, others wearing Aggie jerseys at an Aggie event! :)  During the march in Dane was very intrigued with the core guys that had swords.   He even asked if they were going to fight! Pretty funny.  He is such a boy! Dane literally bounced his heart out in the Bounce house that was set up.  He would wait his turn like a big boy to go in to bounce, and come out when his time was up with no fight.  Then he would immediately get back in line to do it all over again.  And this occurred about 45 times. No joke! Ha
Lots of fun in Aggieland!! Go Aggies!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


I don't like your dreams.

I have a history of talking in my sleep. It's pretty funny, and I have always done it.  I normally don't remember any of it when being told about the conversation the next day.  But, from what I have been told I can say some pretty random hilarious things in the middle of the night.  Living with roommates in college I got picked on quite a bit about this.  I always knew I did something crazy when I would wake to someone saying "Do you remember what you said last night", and then I would cringe because I knew something embarrassing was coming.  Kevin has laughed numerous mornings when telling me the things I have said.  I'm so used to it, that it doesn't even bother me anymore. I just shrug it off and laugh.  I mean what can I do?? I'm in a dead sleep and have no idea that these things are coming out of my mouth.  Occasionally, my talking will wake myself up, and then I realize I am talking out loud and not making sense.  And I have to just laugh at myself.  One of my "favorite" sleep talking stories occurred when I was living with my girl Tabitha.  We were having to share a bed because we had just moved in to our apartment, and my bed hadn't been delivered yet.  I woke up to Tabitha talking to me, like actually in a conversation with me.  I was still talking, but confused at what we were talking about.  Once I woke up I started saying things like "wait what are we talking about", and then Tab just busted out laughing. I was so confused...because obviously I was SLEEPING!  I remember her saying "Are you sleeping??? I thought you were awake!!" Hilarious! I was carrying on a lengthy conversation dead asleep.  Crazy.   

Unfortunately, along with this crazy sleep talking I am also cursed with times of crazy dreams.  Everyone has dreams, and I'm sure they all  think their dreams are crazy as well.  The dreams I have on a day to day basis are no different then anyone else dreams.  I rarely remember the details of them, and they are usually off the wall that they don't make much sense.  But, these dreams aren't what I'm talking about. 
I'm talking about dreams that wake you up in a full sweat. The dreams that sometimes will have you screaming when you wake up, or in tears. Dreams that have you in full panic attack mode.  Dreams where you wake up and you are not in your bed.  Dreams that will keep you awake the rest of the night, dreams so vivid that you can remember every single detail for years. 
Guess these are more like night terrors.

And yeah I have been experiencing these for the past few nights.  And if history repeats itself they will occur for several weeks if not longer.  Over the last few years I have realized that I get these dreams when something BIG happens in my life.  Like life changing events.  Some good changes and then some bad. It happened in college, and is still happening over the years from time to time.

For example when I got married I started having dreams that Kevin was literally leaving me in scary places and wouldn't come back for me.  Like in the middle of dark woods, or in the middle of the highway.  They weren't like typical nightmares.  Very detailed and I would wake up either yelling for him or up literally be out of the bed "trying" to find my way to safety.  I can remember these dreams, every detail about them still to this day.  They would shake me to my core. 
Can you imagine how Kevin felt being a newly wed and realizing he had married a crazy person at night.  He would get offended that I kept having these horrible terrors of him abandoning me in dangerous places, when he knew he had NEVER left me anywhere ever.  When I was awake I had no doubt that Kevin would ever do this to me.  I knew 100 % that he loved me, meant his vows and wouldn't leave our relationship.  Why subconsciously I was scared I have no idea. 

When Dane was born and started sleeping upstairs I started having dreams that I couldn't find Dane.  I would wake up completely freaking out throwing covers around, picking up pillows, turning on lights having a full on panic attack that Dane was no where to be found.  Kevin would have to calm me down and assure me  that Dane was upstairs in his bed, that he was totally fine, and even would have to go check on him at times so I would really know that it was a dream and that he was ok.  Talk about feeling crazy when I would be the one to put Dane in his bed the night before and wake up completely freaking out that he wasn't in our bed.  And if I just had these dreams once it would be no biggie.  But, I have the same dream but with different scenarios for several weeks.  It's exhausting. It really is.

The last few nights I have had little sleep. These stupid dreams are back. I haven't had any in a couple years, but the last 2 nights I have pretty much had the same dream with just details being different.  Basically I get a call from my mom who is totally freaking out yelling and crying that they had lost Nannaw.  And not a "lost" that she has passed away, but that she is missing and they can't find her, and that I need to come quick.  I have woken up both nights standing by my night stand kneeled down looking at my douffle bag (which is really there by the way) like I'm trying to pack to leave. I'm completely stressed out when I wake up. The dreams are so real that I have a hard time convincing myself it was a dream, and that my Nannaw really passed away last week.  And they are much more intense than I am describing. Much more.  The night before last I had multiple dreams like this in the same night.

Am I crazy?? Why do these night terrors occur?? And how do you make them stop when things happen in your life? 

Mr Sandman... send me a dream.
A nice calm sweet dream.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011