Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Lauren!

After Dane's soccer game Saturday we all went to Gringo's for some good ol Mexican food to celebrate my niece, Lauren and Kevin's birthday.  They each got a free yummy dessert along with some loud singing and shouting from the waitstaff.  Got to love that. Hilarious.  
Then we headed over to Mountasia Fun Center for some games and go cart riding.  It's the only thing Lauren wants to do for her birthday.  We even got my mom on the carts to drive Dane.  He absolutely loved having his Granny "ride" with him.  He thinks he is the one driving.  And to be fair.. I think Granny loved it just as much as he did. He was all smiles, and would wave every time he would pass where we were standing. He loves it! And, of course It's not a birthday without some yummy hot pink cookie cake. Good Times celebrating my sweet niece! Can't believe she will be 14 years old on Halloween!! I was a senior in high school the year she was born. Can you say WOW. Feeling pretty old!  Crazy how time flies.  

Happy Birthday Lauren! I hope you had a great time hanging out in Houston!

Saturday Ritual

Soccer again...
I'm sure most of you are tired of seeing soccer posts, so just ignore if they bore you.
These are mainly for my scrapbook, and for our family who aren't able to come to the games.

We decided as a team that we will no longer be doing the practice part before the game. We will just show up in time for the game.  It's just too long for this age group, and by the time the game starts the kids only have about 10 minutes left of energy and the desire to play. Their attention spans aren't long enough for the entire hour that the practice and then game includes.  Dane started out great during the practice, and played in the game for about the first quarter before calling it quits.  This week after he decided he was done, he was really done. He started getting cranky and he quickly turned to the stubborn strong willed kid that can wear you out. We could not get him to even step out of the field anymore. Every week is a new week.   It's so funny to watch though, because his entire team is on the same page.  There's really only 2 kids who want to play the entire time.  The others play for a bit, and then start picking grass, laying down, hanging on their parents etc.  So, next week we will show up for the game, and call it a day.  I think it will go better letting the kids only play soccer for 30 minutes verses one hour.  But we shall see. 
This season really has been fun though. It's fun watching Dane interact with the other kids, and seeing him enjoy kicking the ball during practice and when he gets the chance during the games.  I really had no expectations going into this season.  I knew it would be hit and miss with him, and I knew he would have good moments and bad. I had a feeling he would be very cooperative and eager to play on some weeks, and want nothing to do with it on other weeks.  He is still 3 after all.  So, this week can be chalked up to a week where he wasn't interested.  
Team Chaos is staying true to their name!

The whole gang
5 seconds of fame

5 more seconds of fame
Doing his thing, kicking the ball during the game
following the leader
And this is when the wall had been hit... having a little "meeting" with the coach dad.
picking the grass off his socks while the game is going on
oh, there's the look... the "I don't wanna do what you are saying" look
Mr Cranky Pants... I mean check out his stern eyebrows
Spent the last quarter keeping the bench warm
And, completely chill'in

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun weekend ahead

I've been a little M.I.A lately besides posting about the weekends.  I've been working A LOT the last 2 weeks.  My friend/co-worker got selected for jury duty last week and her case went on for-eva! But, she is finally back! (We missed you Katie!)  My next pay check will have 25 hours of overtime on it! I'm hoping Uncle Sam doesn't get greedy and leaves some of the mu-la for me! But, we all know how  that goes.
But, any who I have been coming home after long days of work and basically eating and get all comfy in my bed. I actually went to sleep last night before the little man... momma was TIRED!  I still have about 7 more hours of work left for today! BLAH!
But, I got a busy fun weekend ahead, so I gotta get my game face on and push through the pain.
This evening we plan on continuing with our tradition we started last year and carve another pumpkin. I think we may try something a little more advanced than our simple one we did previously. Since we didn't go to a pumpkin patch this year, we had to settle with a pumpkin from the "patch" of Kroger. I think we might have waited too late to purchase one, because it was slim picking. We settled with a smaller than my liking pumpkin that has only one "good" side.  HA
Dane has another soccer game which to be honest I have been so happy that his games are first thing in the mornings on Saturdays so we still have the whole day afterwards, but this week I'm wishing his game was later so I could SLEEP in. Ugh! But, my mom and niece and nephew are coming into town to cheer him on.
It's also the weekend of my hubby and my niece's birthday! Kevin's is day before Halloween, and Lauren's is on Halloween.  After Dane's game my niece wants to go do go-carts (AGAIN, I think this is the 3rd year in a row), I'm sure we will eat some Mexican food, because that is a must when my mom is in town.
Then Saturday evening Kevin and I have a DATE NIGHT to celebrate his big day!
Remember what we did Last Year.  No way to ever top that. That will probably go down in the record books for the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
But, we are going to have a fun night.  We are going to College Station to the winery for a murder mystery dinner.  Kevin loves everything about Halloween.  We did this when we were first married and it was awesome. You get a fancy 4 course meal paired up with wines while trying to solve a murder mystery.  It's way better than those cheesy murder mystery dinners you hear about.  So, we are looking forward to doing it again. 
then Halloween is Monday!
Good fun couple days ahead, and I'm sure lots of pictures!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Competition Continues

A few weeks ago we were in Target going up and down the Halloween aisles, when we saw a box of monster cupcake mix.  Kevin had a flashback to when I kicked his bootie in our "friendly" Monster Easter egg competition, and suggested we have a re-match.  So, we decided that this could be one of our little things or traditions we do at holidays.  

Here's our Easter Eggs we created...
I put this picture on facebook and let people vote.  The majority voted for the BLUE EGG!
I won by a landslide, and Kevin's ego was a little tarnished. HA He just knew that I had rigged the votes, and the only reason I won was because it was my friends voting. 
The best description I got was that my egg looked like Cindy Lauper.  Indeed she does. Have to admit my egg had some rocking hair. 

So, this past weekend we made Monster cupcakes.  Of course, I let the little man lick the spatula after I was done pouring the batter into the cupcake holders.  

He made sure to get every last drop of chocolate... 

Here is Little Man's monster cupcake he created and designed
He barely let me get a picture of it before tearing into it. 
Pretty funny and cute! 

And here is ours...
The competition cupcakes
I put this picture on facebook and let our friends vote for one eyed monster or three eyed. 
I really thought this would be a no brainer for those voting...

Sadly, I think people were thrown off by the three eyed monster's unibrow, and voted for the one eyed monster instead, which happens to be Kevin's monster cupcake. :(
Yeah, he won fair and square and by a lot of votes.
Bitter Betty here. 

He was a gracious winner, with his sarcastic smirk he loves to give, and even insulted my monster by calling him a drunken hillbilly...
Do hillbilly's have unibrows?? I think not.  Ahem.

BUT, the competition isn't over because clearly we have each won one. 
I guess this means another competition has to take place to crown a winner. I'm thinking probably Christmas!
And, I do plan on coming back and taking the victory!

And just for kicks... here's a couple more monsters
Kevin's on the left, mine on the right with his party hat on. 

My husband is gloating, and thinking he has this competition in the bag.
Until next time...

Sunday, October 23, 2011


We visited the zoo this weekend for their annual BOO at the ZOO.  Despite the fact that the mosquitoes were out in full force, and little man came home with about 35 bites, we had a good time.  They had a little scavenger hunt set up where you had to go to different animals and get part of your map colored in. Once you got it all done you got a spooky surprise.  Dane also got to color on a monster mural, and paint a pumpkin.  We decide to do this instead of going to a pumpkin patch this year just to change it up.  We had a good time walking around looking at the animals, and trick or treating at different locations around the zoo.  It was good to be out and about with my boys after a really long week of work.

Dane "figuring out" the next location on the map to get our spider colored in.  

little bummed... this picture would have been my favorite because I love his natural smile, and I just think he is SO cute in this one.  But, unfortunately his face isn't completely in focus.  I feel like my camera failed me on this one :(

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Busted Up Picture Day

Another soccer post

We completed half the season this weekend.  4 more games to go.  
Today was picture day. 
And if you guessed it would be PURE CHAOS, well, then you were correct. 
I had mentally prepared myself that it would be like trying to herd 1000 bulls into the same side of a very large field. And indeed it was very similar to that.  I'm always surprised when companies are unorganized, you would think I would be used to it by now.  The photography company only accepted cash, and we all received an email letting us know this.  So I found it odd and rather annoying, that when we gave our payment the company had no money to make change. None. And we were the 1st group to have pictures taken.  If you only accept cash, don't ya think you might need some money to begin with to make change. It's not rocket science, or anything. So, we along with 50 other parents had to scramble to make the exact amount before getting our picture taken. SIGH. Yeah, I'm pretty sure we will be in another league the next time Dane plays in a sport. It just works my nerves for real when I've paid for "an experience", and it is so unorganized that it takes away from it. Ok vent session over.
 We were inside the gym to do the pictures, so all the kids were running around on the bleachers while they waited their turn.  Literally about two minutes before it was time for Dane to take his individual picture he fell and busted his lip and chin.  Great timing kiddio! He was fine, and didn't even cry.  But, he had a nice bloody lip, and a skinned up chin. 
 I think his individual picture will be pretty cute.  The team picture, probably not so much.  I think the photographer tried about 20 times, and I don't think any of the pictures had all the kids looking at the camera.  It was pretty funny.  All the parents were standing behind the photographer yelling their kid's name.   Something funny to look back on. 

Here's another video of the little man in action. He had fun today, his silliness was out in full force though.  Robot hands, making his shadow move, and blowing kisses to me were on the top of his agenda. It was a good game though with all the kids.  No tantrums or crying from any of the team mates this week. We didn't have practice today due to the pictures running later than expected. But, I think this actually helped with the kids energy levels. They usually have so much energy during practice, and by the time the game starts they are feeling done.  The kids had fun, and that is all that matters!

Fall Festival

Can you believe that we are already near the end of October?? This year has totally flown by, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Bittersweet I guess. I love the holidays, and I love that October brings costumes, candy, birthdays and sometimes if we are lucky fall weather, and Thanksgiving and Christmas follow afterwards.  But, once October gets here the rest of the year flies by at such a fast pace, and then I'm planning a birthday party for my little man.  How can we be a tad over three months away from Dane turning 4! Pure craziness.  
Any who, last night was the start of the holiday festivities for the end of the year.  Dane's school had their fall festival, so we got to breakout the new costume.  I was happy they decided to have it a weekend before Halloween this year.  Last year it was on the Friday of Halloween weekend, and combine that with the hub's birthday, my niece's birthday, Dane's Halloween party at school, and trick or treating it makes for a crammed packed weekend.  We met the Gonzalez familia at the school and let the kids go through all the rooms playing the games and ended the party by letting the kids pick a Halloween cupcake.  Then  we all went and finished the evening off with some Mexican food! Good times. 

Introducing the man of the hour:
Captain America

Dane and Sophie stuck with the same theme as last year and went as super heroes again. 
Here's a little flashback from last year