Monday, November 28, 2011

DewBerry Farm's M.I.A shoe

Black Friday Kevin and his dad woke up pretty early and went to Navosota to hunt quail.  They had a great time and came home with I believe 24 birds! I got up early and went to Target to check out their black Friday sales.  I got there about 7:30.  I wasn't one of the crazies who went in middle of night this year.  I was expecting it to be packed and crazy, but it wasn't at all.  The parking lot wasn't that full. The store didn't seem that crowded.  It was like a normal day at Target, but with lots of sales.  I talked to some workers and they said it was a total mad house from when they opened at midnight to about 3 that morning, and then it settled down.  Guess when I got there everyone was crashed out.  I have been done with all my shopping for little while now, but I just wanted to see if there was anything worth getting.  I ended up with a pair of pj pants for me that has quickly become my all time favorite pair of pj pants.  They are warm and fuzzy and the most comfortable things ever! And they were on sale for $10. I might just wear them everyday.  I also scored Dane a pair of pjs for $5, a couple tshirts for $1.50 each, the blind side movie for $3, and a toy on sale from $35 to a whopping price of $12.  Can't beat that.  

Once I got home Jackie, Dane and I went over to DewBerry Farm to hang out.  We had gone last year and Dane really enjoyed himself.  They have so much to do and Dane had such a great time.  Things were going well, Dane was having a blast doing all the things DewBerry offers, we were enjoying the beautiful weather.  We had been there a couple hours when Dane was riding a pedal cart around the track when I noticed he had the look that he needed to go to the bathroom.  We promised him we would come back to the pedal carts after going to the bathroom. He wasn't wanting to leave, and had to be coaxed into taking a bathroom break.  We had to walk across the farm to get to the bathroom, and everything was going as planned until he came out of the stall and I just happened to look down and see that he only had one shoe on.  
And then the search began.  A 45 minute search to be exact.  Baffled would be a good word to describe us. When asked he would say the shoe came off when I picked him up to reach the water faucet to wash his hands. But, the shoe was no where to be found. There is no way we wouldn't have seen the shoe fall off while I had him lifted in the air. We looked in the stall, around the sink, on the porch of the bathroom, under the porch, in the bushes.  I made a zipline the exact way we came to the bathroom back to where we were. No where.  I looked all around the track, in the pedal carts, in the train, around the benches, I asked the lady taking tokens, I asked people watching their kids on the carts.  The shoe was gone. Vanished. The weirdest thing ever! Came back to Jackie and Dane to tell the news.  Jackie then went and looked herself since 4 eyes are better than 2.  Nothing. We went to lost and found. I looked back on my camera and he had his shoes on in every picture except when we took them off for the bouncy pillows. The bouncy pillows was one of the 1st things we did. And I took a ton of pictures!! Shoes were on when he was riding the pedal carts.  I got him off and we went straight to the bathroom, and then his shoe magically disappears.  Like what the heck??? Y'all it's the weirdest thing. And Dane is SOOOO chatty normally. He will tell you if something isn't right. If his shoes feel weird, his car seat comes unlatched, hands are dirty etc etc.  But, he said nothing.  Never told us he had lost a shoe. Not until I would ask him when did his shoe come off. And he would reply when he was washing his hands. But, where the heck did it go??????? PURE CRAZINESS!!
So, while Jackie and I took turns looking for the shoe we let Dane play in the hay and swing around.  Then we had to call it a day. Not much you can do with only one shoe. 
When we got back home I had to go buy him another pair of tennis shoes.  
Thanks Black Friday for coming through on this one... got his new shoes for $10!!! Major score! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starting to look a lot like Christmas

Thanksgiving 2011

I'm thankful for Thanksgiving. 

I'm thankful for fried Cajun turkeys from Big Woodrow's. 

I'm thankful my mom taught me how to make her white sauce for the mac and cheese

I'm thankful my in-laws were able to come to town for the holiday.

I'm thankful for these precious boys

I'm thankful my little guy was very hungry, and for once didn't put up a fight to eat
and I'm thankful I made him sit on towels on our nice formal chairs

I'm thankful for both Kevin's mom and my own mom

I'm thankful my 1st time making this mac and cheese was a huge success

I'm thankful for the men in my life

I'm thankful we had so much food we had enough leftovers for the entire weekend.

I'm thankful.

Blogging...on the agenda today

Man oh man do I have some catching up to do.  And today is the perfect day to do just that. We have declared it lazy pj movie day.  I'm all cozy in my bed wearing my new warm and fuzzy Paul Frank pj pants I scored on black Friday, and Dane is being extra affectionate today and is cuddled up next to me watching cartoons.  I don't think much will get accomplished today other than me catching up on the blog.  

So, last Friday Jackie and Barry arrived into town.  Dane was excited to see them, and we were happy they were able to come in time for Dane's last soccer game.  I think they enjoyed seeing Dane and his team run around and Dane receive his last game medal.  He was so excited about the medal and wore it pretty much all day.  We celebrated after the game and had Mexican food at Gringos.  They don't get Mexican food too much anymore since they moved to New York.   
His first soccer season was a lot of fun.  Felt a little weird yesterday not having to get his soccer clothes out and go to the field.  

Kevin helped me out and scanned Dane's soccer and team picture.  I think his individual picture turned out super cute.  I'm not a huge fan of the backdrops used, but I'm pleased with the pictures.  Ahhhh... his first sport pictures! 

Dane kept Grandma and Grandpa pretty busy this week.  He made sure they played their hearts out while here.  What we heard the most was "Grandma/Grandpa will you play with me?? PLEEAAASSEE??" Dane was all about riding his bike around the block of our neighborhood, wanted to do that quite a bit.  And playing Candy land was a big hit as well.  

The night before Thanksgiving we got to sneak away after Dane was asleep and hang with our favorite Gonzalez couple for a couple hours. We have to take advantage when we have grandparents in's really the only time we have a babysitter.  As always the night was spent with tons of belly laughs. Have to say we are a funny bunch. We crack each other up.  And once again Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb dressed alike.  It seems like every time we get together the boys end up matching.  That night was no different... both in fitted thermal shirts with jeans.  I'm beginning to wonder if they call each other like girls do and say "what are you wearing?" Fishy.

Kevin and Barry spent a good amount of time playing darts this week.  I bought Kevin a dart board several years ago, and I think he has played just a handful of times before this week. I had actually forgotten that we had it.  But, it was fun watching them and playing myself a couple times.  Kevin and I may have to start having dart competitions at our house. Could be fun.

Whew. I feel like I need a nap after this long post... Maybe I will shut it down for a lil while.
Next up Thanksgiving, Christmas in Nov, Dew Berry Farm, our poor Aggies, Christmas decorating, date night and seeing the Bachelor.
See, I told you I had a lot of catching up to do.