Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

a year of an emotional roller coaster.
Lot of ups, and then equal amount of downs.
It started off really hard, and there was a lot of fun times squished in the middle, and then ended with a lot of heartache.  
No idea what 2012 will bring, but looking forward to a new year.

-David got sworn into office.

- my sister ended up in ICU, and had only a 3% chance of surviving. 
-she did.
- my little booger turned 3... can't believe we are exactly a month away from him being 4.
-we got snow in Houston
-celebrated Sophie's 4th bday
-had a cute date for Valentine's day
-went with girlfriends to the rodeo to see Sugarland
-took a road trip to Dallas to celebrate Gage's birthday
- celebrated our 5 year anniversary in NYC!
-Dane attended his 1st Aggie baseball game
-took a trip to the beach
-Kevin and I had our 1st Easter egg competition
I won.
-had a wonderful Easter
-Dane rocked out the Eater egg hunt
-got to meet some firemen, and play on a truck
-attended my 1st Mother's day tea
- got a concussion scare with the little man.  Accident on the playground that caused a gigantic goose egg
-Dane got his first go cart ride, and loved it
-we celebrated out good friend's Gabe's graduation
-spent alot of time playing in water
rang in my 31st birthday with a wine tasting party along with a photo booth
-spent every waking moment at the pool
-got to fly on a private plane to New Orleans for Tabitha's bday!
-we made a road trip to Brenham to the ice cream factory with Jackie
-spent July 4th at Moody Gardens
- took a trip to New York to visit Kevin's parents. Got to go to some fun wineries and Nigara Falls
-had a girls night to ring in Christy's bday
-Dane passed his float test, and got moved up to the next level in swimming
-found out that my grandmother only had a very short time left. 
- spent every weekend in Orange with my grandma
-welcomed the newest member of our family, Hadley
-had to say goodbye to the most compassionate and caring person that's ever walked on this earth
-we took a trip Aggieland
-Dane's 1st soccer season
-hung out with all my Chi Omega sisters at our reunion and Sam Houston game
-played soccer every weekend, and got the award for most improved 
-Halloween cupcake competition
unfortunately, Kevin won.
- celebrated Kevin's birthday at Messina Hoff at a murder mystery dinner
-Dane went as Captain America for Halloween
-shopped til I dropped
-Kevin attended Dane's thanksgiving feast at school
-had thanksgiving at our house with Kevin's parents
- saw the bachelor at a concert
-Went to Dallas to see the ice exhibit with the Jarmons
-went to a tacky Christmas party
-had our first visit to the ER
- Dane was in his first school program
- did all the fun christmas things like looking at lights, baking etc
-spent a lot of time with family
-had a fabulous Christmas

Goodbye 2011

Welcome 2012

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Sending out a birthday wish to Barry today!! 
Hope that your year is filled with a ton of deer in your freezer, fish in the frying pan and wine in your fridge!!

And of course, some birthday cake also!

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

For you mom!

So this morning I was talking to my mom during one of our breaks at work and she was commenting on my latest blog posts and how she liked all of our Christmas day pictures. 
We were chatting about how cute Dane was, and how happy he was with all his presents.  She asked if Kevin liked his gifts, and how he is liking his new coffee maker and yada yada.  
And then she said "So why weren't you in any of the Christmas pictures"
I just laughed. 
And she said "No really? Why weren't you in any pictures"

Thanks for calling me out Mom. 

Well... for one I was the one with the camera. 
2. no make up, pjs, hair in a crazy bed head kind of ponytail. 
And well 3... I'm too vain to put a horrible picture of myself on the Internet
4.  it's my blog and I get to decide what pictures go on.


I was a part of Christmas Day I promise, and I got some great stuff from my boys, and I even had Kevin take pics of me opening gifts, but ya know I wasn't looking too hot, so I decided that no pictures were better than pictures. :)

But this is for you mom... 
Here's a picture of the cute jewelry stand Kevin got for me with some of my fun stuff on it, and my new purse. It's hard to tell in picture how cute the jewelry is, and let's be honest, I'm not looking too hot here either.  Long day of work, bags under the eyes from getting up at 4 AM,  hair pulled back, a day old make up etc etc.  
But, I'm sucking it up and doing it for you! HA

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And it's the most wonderful time of the year...

Our Christmas day in pictures and captions.

Cookies for Santa...

Dane slept til 8:15!! We were so happy that we got a little sleep after going to bed after 2 the night before.  He was pumped to see what all Santa had left for him when he woke up.
Santa left a ton of fun goodies for all 3 of us!  Dane's big gift was an activity table that could be used as a lego table with  a lot of legos.  We did have a little mishap with the table... it was suppose to come with a stool, but toys r us jipped Santa and forgot to pack the seat part of the stool! Not cool Toys r us. Not cool.
Alien legos were the number one item on Dane's wish list, so Santa hooked him up with a few sets.  They were what kept Santa up pretty late...
Dane was very excited when he saw the table filled with legos.  When he first ran in he exclaimed "YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH, Now I can build stuff"
After playing with the table for a little bit, we started opening presents.  Dane got this learning robot called Alphie.  It's pretty neat, and has lots of things to learn while playing it. 
His sticking was filled with all sorts of fun stuff including lego men, bubble bath, wooden planes,  along with a lot of other stuff.  But, out of everything in his stocking you would never guess what his favorite was...
Um, how about band aids.  Yes, Santa left some fun band aids in his stocking because he likes to go through them with invisible bo bos.  And he was very very excited to see Mario band aids!! 
Lego men!!! Fun thing with these packages is that you don't know what man you are getting until you open it up.  Surprise Surprise!
Little man was all smiles.  He kept saying "Mommy, I like my presents"

Thumbs up for for what Santa brought!! 
He is a pro at opening presents.  We took turns opening our presents, to make it last a little longer.  He can tear into a present in like .25 seconds!
This toy, along with 2 other transformers nearly put Kevin in a mental institution on Christmas.  Apparently, transformers aren't how they used to be, and are near impossible to transform into their robot.  I over heard Kevin mouth under his breath on a couple occasions that he absolutely hates this toy.  He basically worked on them all day.  I Kept telling him to just let it go, but he was determined to transform them.  Finally, after a lot of frustration he was able to figure it out.  I just hope that Dane doesn't decide that he wants it transformed back into it's original form. HA
Cars puzzle! He got a couple puzzles, and I have to say that I was very impressed with his putting together puzzle abilities.  He totally gets puzzles now, and can figure them out pretty quick.  

Kevin got a swanky coffee maker.  He was thrilled.  This one can do just a single cup which is perfect for him.  He always makes a pot full of coffee before leaving for work, and the whole thing besides one cup goes to waste everyday.   He got a couple shirts, an Aggie golf shirt that he has been wanting for forever, jeans and some little stuff.  Santa was good to him.  I got spoiled also with a purse, a couple pairs of boots, gift card to my favorite clothes shop and some fun jewelry.   

We did a lot of building with the legos all day.  That was pretty much the theme for this year.  Legos, Legos  and more Legos

Alien legos... who knew there was such a thing???

It's fair to say that little man had a GREAT Christmas.  He was definitely spoiled rotten.  
Lightening McQueen house shoes.  Got these for free with a $10 coupon at JC Pennys.  I couldn't resist when I saw how much they were and that I wouldn't be paying a single dime for them.  

No Christmas is complete without new cars.  That's a given.
I made a Coffee cake like I have the past few years on Christmas morning.  Very yummy!! 
We played with all his new toys all morning and early afternoon.  Then Dane had to lay down for a nap. Yes, I made him take a nap on Christmas... he started getting totally crazy and needed a break. And it gave Kevin and I a chance to veg out a little and relax.   But, when he woke up from his nap Santa had left him one more present under the tree.  We decided to give this to him in the later part of the afternoon, so he would play with all his toys and not just want to play with this all day.
He was very excited to have one more present to open.  
It is.....
I can not even begin to tell you how excited he was.  I knew this was going to be a smashing hit!!
So, we raced for a couple hours!! It was A lot of fun!!! Kevin and Dane really got into it!!  We got him a lightening Mc Queen wheel to holder his controller, and Kevin used the one that came with the game.  They had a blast.
And yes, we stayed in our pjs the entire day.  We had no where to go or nothing we had to do.  We played with all of our new stuff, watched movies, and hung out and relaxed all day.  It was fabulous.  We didn't even cook dinner, but did take out instead.  No stress, No worries, No dishes etc.  Nothing but fun and relaxation.  It was a GREAT day.  
I did want to make sure that we celebrated the real reason for the season.  Sometimes we tend to overlook what we are really celebrating.  We tried our best this season to explain to Dane what Christmas was really about, and that it was all about Jesus's birthday.
We baked Jesus some cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to him. 
And that's our Christmas in a nut shell!
Hope that you all had a Merry Christmas!!