Friday, January 13, 2012

Bathroom Break that turned into a good ol time

Yesterday I had the day off and I have to say it turned out to be a great day.  
I had plans to have lunch with my girl Christy and Dane's girl Sophie, and then run errands and just "piddle".  I woke up to a text from Kevin saying he forgot to take the car seat out of his truck, so I was bummed that I was going to be "trapped" at home.  Yes, we only have 1 car seat... Kevin is the one who takes Dane to and from school, so we really don't need two. But, times like yesterday morning I could kick myself that we have only purchased one.  
Anyway, Christy of course came by and scooped us up with one of her old car seats, and off to lunch we went.  We enjoyed some good ol Cheddars and tried to chit chat while keeping the munchkins under control.  
After lunch we headed back to my house to be dropped off, Christy had some errands she was going to do, and she was willing to let me use her car seat so I wouldn't be trapped in the house till Kevin got home and I had planned to make a couple quick stops. 
But, none of our errands got done. HaHa
What started off just pulling into the driveway to let us out, turned into a quick bathroom stop for Sophie which turned into Christy and I chit chatting for a minute in my kitchen, which turned into Dane wanting Sophie to come upstairs with him to see his toys, which turned into us still chit chatting and the kids playing with every toy Dane owns, which turned into couple hours of us still talking and cracking up, and the kids having an absolute blast, which turned into Christy and I enjoying a skinny girl rita or two, and the kids watching a movie, which turned into us letting the kids ride bikes outside...
and then next thing you know it was time for Christy to leave to go pick up Zach from the bus stop, and Kevin being a few minutes from being home!! 
But, it was so much fun!! And our errands weren't that important!!

And look Dane and Sophie needed some quality time together too!
Good Times!

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