Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Shoes No Shirt No Service

What the Little Man did this weekend...

disclaimer** Dane was shirtless all day after a messy lunch.  He refused to wear a shirt once it was off. Guess that's a perk of being a boy. 

I snuck out of my room during nap time and quietly started going through all the movies to pick out what  movie I wanted to watch after I took a nap.  Unfortunately, I was caught red handed. 
I drove to "work" with my swords and lunch box in the back end.  I had about an hour or so of full on conversations  with all my "co-workers", "killed" some bad guys and also had a little bit of road rage.  
I manipulated my mommy with my dimples and cuteness.  I might have told her that I haven't had a snack, but in fact my daddy had already given me one just 5 minutes before.  And I might have said "I love you so much mommy" as she was getting onto me and telling me that what I did wasn't nice.  She might have been a little upset, but my plan worked because I had eaten all of my 2nd snack by the time Daddy came downstairs to ruin the plan.
And I drove my mom and dad absolutely bonkers while they were folding clothes.  
Even though they had to re-do the folding I had them laughing as I walked around with Daddy's pants on my head. 
I was extremely hyper and crazy while Daddy was trying to watch the playoff football game.   I think I might have been so exhausted from skipping out on my nap that I had to run around screaming to stay awake.
For some reason I thought flipping out of the truck onto the couch was a lot of fun today.  I  thought it was hilarious every time I would leap out of the truck and flip to the floor. I kept saying "Mommy did you see me do that? Was it funny?" The more my mom would screech and get scared the further I would leap. 
Then I got the great idea that I no longer needed to ride in the truck, but loved riding on top. And yes, I  jumped  multiple times from the top to the couch. There's something fun about flying. 
My silliness was out in full force today.  I love making silly faces when my mom is trying to take my picture.  
I got a little bored and decided to take the boat out for a trip.  You know, just a normal Sunday ride. 
And of course, I had to spend my fair share of time today in time out due to being a total toot.  Sometimes, I sat there calmly.  Sometimes I cried and threw a fit.  Sometimes I just laid on back like I was enjoying the day.

There you have it... a typical Sunday in our house. 


Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

Great shots- I really like your B&W conversions on these. Did you do them yourself or are you using an action?

Meg O. said...

Wow, what an energetic boy! He is so adorable!!