Sunday, January 29, 2012

Party Time

We had Dane's party Saturday at Chuck E Cheese.  To be honest leading up to when we were figuring out where to have it the thought of having it there made me cringe.  But, as time grew closer, and I was running out of options we decided that maybe it wouldn't be too bad.  We had Dane's party first thing in the morning at 10:00, and it turned out to be a great time to have a party.  We were the only ones in the place for the first hour and half.  And then it started filling up around lunch time.  
Dane was super pumped when he woke up that morning, and was so excited to "turn 4" at his party.  He arrived to the party and immediately ran in and was so excited to be there and start playing. The kiddos played for about the first hour, going through tokens as fast as you can even say token.  Can you say over stimulation? :) But, the kids had a blast playing all the games.  And even the adults were caught playing their fair share as well.  Then we gathered together to enjoy pizza and cupcakes and Dane opened up his presents.  Chuck E, the mouse came out to entertain us while we did all the birthday stuff. Dane wasn't too fond of the mouse.  He wasn't scared, but he wasn't really appreciating Chuck E being behind him and trying to interact with him. It was pretty funny as Chuck E would try to stand behind Dane and he would give these looks like he was so annoyed with him.  It was quite hilarious when Chuck E put a birthday crown on Dane.  He kept it on, but had this look like can we just get to the blowing out of the candle part.  But, Dane did enjoy us singing to him.  He thought it was pretty funny.  He has been asking all week if his friends were going to sing Happy Birthday to him, so his wish came true! Ha Dane was very anxious to open his presents.  He was really cute while opening them he would walk to each friend and tell them Thank you.  We have been prepping him all week to say thank you to his friends.  You know you never know what your kid will do or say in public.  But he was super cute, and LOVED all his new things. He got some fun toys, clothes and new bedding/sheets and a Spider Man pillow for his new bed that is coming.  After we did all the birthday stuff the kids continued to play their hearts out. Kevin and I were handing out tokens left and right trying to get rid of them. We still have a bag full of tokens left over! All in all it was a great party, and Dane had a wonderful time.  I think  the kids really enjoyed themselves, and the parents were happy to have worn out kids at the end of the party.  

There is no way to not show a million pictures, so sorry you will be scrolling and scrolling and scrolling some more. Picture overload ahead.

Let's start with the decorations...

me and my little man...surprised I was able to get him to slow down long enough to get a pic with him.  he was on the move the whole time!

And now the fun

chad getting in some hoops

Little man Zach

Dane's buddy Case

Cutie Preston and his mom, Melanie with her new bundle of joy-Layla

a friendly competition between the Jarmons

Poppy having some kid fun

Sweet Sophie, she was the only girl at the party.  

Dane with his BFF, Gage

Eating some chocolate tires... Dane and Gage ate these like they were addicted to Crack.  I think Dane had about 7.

Grandpa playing pin ball... it was hard getting him away from this machine!

Kevin joining in on the fun

And of course, Mrs Christy too

Pizza time

Sweet Sweet Mason

Here comes Chuck E

Dane not appreciating Chuck E behind him

And the crown...hilarious

Happy Birthday to Dane

Present time!

Tab and I had some fun as well.  You can never be too safe when getting in a ticket blaster

I'm about to kick some bootay in this thing and win us some tickets. 

I had no idea how INTENSE the air would be blowing.  It was insane, and the most hilarious thing EVER!
 It was not easy whatsoever to get tickets. The air was crazy, and their were lights flickering and spinning.  It made me a bit nauseous, but it was freaking hilarious.
 I think I ended up with 5 tickets!!! 5!!!!!! Unbelievable how fast the tickets were blowing.  So funny!

And we did the photo booth several times. 

Dane's 4th birthday party was a HUGE success.  Little bummed that I didn't get pictures of Dane with both sets of his grandparents, and with him with his friends.  But, he was on the move the entire time.  Running from one game to the next, not wanting to sit still long.  He had such a good time!! Tuesday is his actual birthday.  He keeps asking us "am I 4 now??" So cute.  I'm planning on bringing a cookie cake to his school and bringing him lunch and then taking him home early.  We have a couple more little presents to give him that day to celebrate his day! Can't believe this year has gone so fast!


RealDanaGentry said...

AWWW looks so much fun! The decorations were adorable I love all your ideas! Glad he had a great party, he looks adorable!

Christy said...

So funny- I didn't realize S was the only girl!!
We had fun!! And your decorations turned out way cute!!