Friday, January 20, 2012


It has been a LONG week.  I feel like I ALWAYS say that. But, I never feel at the end of the week that the past 5 days have been a piece of cake. EVER! I guess that's just my life.  My job/work week isn't easy.  I work my tail off every single day that I am at work.  And, EVERY single day that I work I am EXHAUSTED when I finally get home.  
So, I live for the weekends.   

But, this weekend will be very low key.  We have no plans.  Which is GREAT! 
I have lots to do to get ready for Dane's birthday party which is next weekend. I feel like I am drowning in hot glue, scrap book paper and cars. This year we are doing a smaller party, meaning just family and a few of Dane's friends.  I originally said it was going to be NO STRESS! We were going to have it somewhere that all I needed to do was bring a cake and presents and call it a day.  Well, I just can't seem to stick to that.  
It's going to be a smaller amount of people this year.  I did stick to that.  And I stuck to having it somewhere other than my house.  I had Dane's 2nd bday party at our house, and vowed to never do it again! It's just too stressful getting the house ready for all those guests, and having to clean before and after the party.  
But, I can't seem to stick to the "just bring a cake and presents part".  I just have waaaaayyyy too many ideas in my head, and one thing leads to another and I am in full blown craft mode.   We are doing a cars party this year.  Dane is STILL very much obsessed with cars, mainly from the Disney Car movies. 
And, I LOVE birthdays, and want to make it special for Dane.  I just feel like birthdays are the ONE day that you get to celebrate that person, it's their day so you should try to make it special.  I know that Dane won't even care about all the details that I have been working on to make this party special, and won't remember them one he gets older.  But, I really hope that he remembers that we made him feel special on his birthday, and that I always went out of my way to make his birthday feel like it's not an ordinary day.  I know that I won't be able to do these kind of parties for long that involves me making stuff with hot glue guns, scrapbook paper, and cute centerpieces since he will be too COOL to do this in a few years, so I'm taking full advantage now.  
It's pretty funny because while making all this stuff I start getting frazzled or stressed and think why can't I just be a normal mom and bring just a cake to Chuck e Cheese, Why am I doing all this to myself??? But, it's all worth it.  I want Dane to look back and say that I always made his birthdays fun.   I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that this is the one time during the entire year that I get to use my creative juices.  My job requires absolutely nothing creative.  I do the exact same thing all day long every single day.  I get so bored, so when it's party time I have a million ideas and I want to make all of them.  

Tonight I got off work and have been working on stuff for the past couple hours.  I even got Kevin involved.  HA He said he would help, but I think he had no idea what he was getting into.  I had him cut out a page of cupcake toppers and a couple lightening bolts, and next thing I knew he was M.I.A!! Surely he didn't think that was all that needed to be done?? Ha I'm like Hello! We still have lots to do.  Keep Cutting! :)
My dining room table is covered in stuff that needs to be finished.  I made a HUGE dent tonight, and plan on having it all done very soon!  

These pics are from my cell... horrible quality but I find myself using my cell more often now when getting pics that aren't that important. 
this is actually after I organized it, and made a huge dent in the chaos. 
One of 4 tires I "borrowed" from work to use as a decoration
Kevin concentrating... it took him a very long time to cut out 2 lightening bolts and 2 number 95's.  not sure if he was doing it on purpose, or if he is just really that much of a perfectionist. 
a sneak peak of something I made for the table

Y'all have a Great Weekend!

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