Monday, January 30, 2012


Lately, Dane has been attached to my old green tricycle.  He has no interest in riding his Batmobile at this point.  He has liked riding this tricycle so much lately that I actually regret not getting him a real bike for his birthday.  He won't be able to ride this little tricycle too much longer because little man isn't so little anymore, so we are thinking he may have to get a late birthday present in a few months.  Kevin is wanting to get his bike fixed and ride around the neighborhood once Dane has a real bike. But, the tricycle is working for the time being. 
We took him to the park Sunday afternoon because you couldn't beat the Houston weather.  It was gorgeous, and only like 66 degrees.  You know, those days are very few and far in between here in H-Town.  The little man got some crazy looks as he peddled this vintage ride around and around the park.  I'm sure people were thinking "Geez, could his bike be any more old school"?  But, I love that he loves riding my old tricycle.  This little bike was actually my sister's before it was mine, so it's pretty old at this point.  Still in great condition and pedals pretty quickly.  There's not many things from my childhood that I think Dane would enjoy playing with considering I was a girl who played with barbies and baby dolls.  So, it makes my heart happy that he loves this trike. 

And for good ol times I included a picture of me on the tricycle.  I was barely 3 in the picture.  And I guess maybe the sun was bright, and that's why I was squinching my face?? HaHa

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Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

You got some really great shots & that trike is adorable- love the old photo too!