Saturday, January 28, 2012

week in review....

In cell phone pics. 

Dane did a lot of driving his daddy's parked truck.
Swimming lessons on Tuesdays.  I'm amazed at how good Dane has gotten at swimming.  Like truly Amazed.  And he still LOVES it, so we don't plan on taking him out anytime soon.  This is him working on swimming while using his big arms.  Ms Heidi, his teacher, just got awarded swim teacher of the year at HSC.  love her!

We had a bit of a school picture mystery.  Kevin came home with a single picture that was on a calendar... never got an order form to order pics, and after a long investigation *ahem* I figured out that Kevin thought they were "over priced", so the form never made it home. Major fail Kevin Major fail.

Kevin's parents arrived in town Wednesday evening.  Dane kept them VERY busy playing with every toy he owns

Meanwhile, I enjoyed hours of bumper to bumper traffic every evening.
Made several trips to Party City... to all my Chi O Sistas... check out this pinata!!! How stinking cute is this!!!! It was HUGE, but I gotta come up with a reason to have this at my next party!! Love me some owls! HOOTIE  HOO!!
took care of all the last minute stuff for Dane's party!! 
vegged out with the little man and watched Cars 2 about 1000 times. Love when he wants to cuddle
some of his cars hung out with us too.  All week.
Had our fair share of chips and queso...
Dane ran a lot. Everywhere he went he ran. And ran some more. 
Stole this picture from Jackie.  Dane helping his grandma bake... or clean the spoon and bowl

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