Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cuteness runs in the family

I've been a little M.I.A.
I have to blame it on the fact that my job kicked my rear this past week.  It's been a long insane crazy work week.   Come Friday I was one exhausted girl who could barely walk, my body felt like it had been hit by a mac truck.   WORN OUT. 
But, I made it to the weekend.  Thankfully.  
Friday evening I enjoyed some girl time and Mexican food with Christy and Danielle.  Very much needed for my sanity.  We laughed our tails off and relieved a ton of stress.  We enjoyed ourselves so much that we looked around and noticed that all the chairs had been put up on the tables, and our waiter was patiently waiting for us to pay and leave.  Nothing like shutting down a restaurant.  
Saturday, Dane and I made a quick trip to The Fruit.  Going home and spending time with my family always makes me feel better. We made the rounds seeing everyone, but had a relaxing and slow paced weekend.  Very much needed as well.
And we got to see this cutie patooie.  Miss Hadley.  
Little Miss thing is sitting up all by herself now.  
And she is ADORABLE
I could just eat her up. And her little jeggins... oh my word. cutest pair of pants ever
Y'all look at those arm rolls.  I die. 

Lucky for me... I'm off tomorrow.  I need one more day to recuperate.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's get our YUM on

Don't cha just love the pinterest website???
I don't have much time to spend on it as I would like, since my job frowns upon it, but when I get a chance I love looking for stuff.  

Lately I have been obsessed with searching recipes and adding them to my board.  I think dinner time is the one thing Kevin and I struggle with the most.  For starters I have a picky child.  I am on the picky side. And Kevin, well he can eat anything.  We have been in a dinner rut lately, meaning we eat the same dishes over and over and we both have grown tired of cooking the same things.  Dinner time at our house can be very frustrating.   

But, pinterest has saved out marriage.
Totally just kidding.  Ha
Sounded's really not that serious

BUT, it has added some new recipes to our rotation.

We have had a few failures in the mix.   And we have had a couple really good ones. 

Tonight's new recipe was a hit. Even with the little man, and that says a lot. 

On the menu tonight was 

Crispy Chicken with Creamy Italian Sauce and 
Bowtie Pasta
(the picture was taken from pinterest)

If you click on the picture it will take you to the pinterest website, and you can get the recipe

Dane ate it up with no fight, and told us that he loved his chicken nuggets and pasta. We cut up his crispy chicken into pieces to look like nuggets, and had it separated from the pasta. I have found that Dane does better with eating if his meat is not mixed in with his meal. If it resembles chicken nuggets even if it's not chicken he will eat it without throwing a fit and screaming he doesn't like it. Whatever works is what I say. As I was setting the table I told Dane dinner was ready, and we were having chicken nuggets and pasta, and he asked "Mommy, do I like pasta?" Just thought it was cute, and he actually believed me when I said "YOU LOVE PASTA"
But, he scarfed it down like he hadn't eaten in a week. Kevin and I both loved the meal. The chicken was so good, and the sauce for the pasta was very yummy! I was shocked to see the recipe called for baking the chicken in corn flakes!

Cheers to a wonderful dinner!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Memory Lane

A couple weeks ago I got an email from an old school friend, Rebecca needing my address because she had found some things when she was going through old stuff and thought I would enjoy seeing them.  I had no idea what she could have found.  I was thinking probably pictures of us when we were little, and was beyond shocked when her package had arrived a few days later.

  I've known Rebecca since kindergarten.  We became best friends immediately, and were joined at the hip from elementary through high school. Our birthdays are a week apart so we had tons of joint birthday parties growing up, and our weekends were always spent together. We stayed in touch through college, but didn't see each other that often because we went to different schools.  We lost touch for a few years, but in the last few years have reconnected.  
Just a little walk down memory lane before getting to what she sent me
kindergarten class pic.  Rebecca and I are on the ends of the 2nd row.  I can still remember that yellow dress!
1st grade pic... I'm the 4th from the left on the 1st road, and Rebecca is the 1st on the 2nd row
one of our many visits to the skating ring... notice the red vests, we were chosen to be the "cops" in the game cops and robbers.  We loved the skating ring and getting to be the cop.  
This was at one of our many swimming birthday parties.  And this pic cracks me up... me getting blasted by a water balloon, and Rebecca smiling having no idea what is about to happen.
And any guesses who was the one throwing the water balloons???? Um, that would be my OWN mother!!!
I have a picture to prove it mom... you holding the balloons behind your back! 
This was in high school at a pep rally.  

ok, so now to what I got in the mail... and I can only show a small small small piece of it because I'm just too embarrassed. HAHA I opened up the envelope and felt like I had discovered a time capsule.
Rebecca found some old letters that we had written each other.  I got an envelope full of them.  I can't believe that she still had these after all these years.  She had forgot about them, and accidentally came upon them when cleaning out some closets. Most of them were from 3rd grade, and there was a couple from 4th grade.  While going through them I was so embarrassed.  I'm not going to lie.  I couldn't believe how silly we sounded, and I was just humiliated by how much boy talk we did.  And just seeing the boys we liked at the time all I could do was just laugh.  There were SEVERAL listed throughout the letters.  HAHA  Can you say Boy crazy????
Kevin forced me to show him the letters, and he DIED laughing.  Pretty funny actually.  

Crazy stuff for real.  The letters definitely had me thinking all about my childhood and brought back so many memories.
Enjoy the peak into my elementary years... can't show all of them or all of the letters for that matter. It's just too embarassing! HA
A friend contract... Kevin thought this was hysterical.  At the very bottom it said "Rebecca's copy", so Kevin said "so you mean there were 2 of these, where's your copy"?????? lol

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Take me Out to the Ball Game

The weather was gorgeous Sunday.  High 50's/Low 60's with not a cloud in the sky.  Felt great in the sun, and just a bit chilly in the shade.  One thing I knew I didn't want to do Sunday afternoon was be cooped up in the house.  So, we started trying to figure out something to do.  Not much was going on in our surprise there.  We saw online that the Aggies were playing at home, and we immediately knew it was a great day for a baseball game. Couldn't ask for better weather. So, we hurried up and got packed up and headed out the door.  The game was starting in 45 minutes.  Lucky for us, College Station is only 45 minutes from our house so we were only a little late.  I guess all the Aggie fans had the same idea as us because when we showed up they were no longer selling seats in the stands, but lawn seats only.  Besides the grass being damp from all the rain the past few days and the fact that we didn't come with something to sit on and ended up with wet bottoms the lawn seats ended up being perfect.  Lot of space for the little man to do his thing and run around and be silly.  And we were in the sun so it felt great, no need for our jackets. 
We had a great afternoon at the baseball game.  I think we paid the stadium's light bill for the next month with all that we bought while there.  Hot dogs, a hamburger, popcorn, a few sodas, ice cream and bottle of water.  It's not a baseball game without some great concession stand food, and lets face it Dane needs something to keep him entertained after several innings.  The Aggies kicked some Chicago bootay. 
 7-0!! And the pitcher didn't let the other team get ANY hits till the 8th inning, which Kevin says is pretty impressive.  :)  A great ending to a great weekend.  Love Aggie baseball games, gorgeous weather, and quality time with my boys.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just a funny

Dane was playing with his lego men.
He was being CHATTY and pretending like he always does.
I was ease dropping...
He was talking about them fighting and just "normal" stuff.

And then I heard him say this

"Do you wanna take a ride in my belly button?"


Oh, man.  My lil man cracks me up. For reals.

I asked him "what did you say?"

But, he got really embarrassed with his sheepish smile and wouldn't repeat it.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love me some weekends

We've been sitting back and enjoying the weekend so far. 
It's been low key and relaxing, a nice way to unwind from the looooong week.  Last night we got an evening to ourselves while the little man played with his friends. And today we both got some alone time on top of some quality family time.  It's been great.
Here's a little bit of what we have been up to the last 24 hours. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Kevin's Valentine box I put together went off without a hitch.  He loved it, and was so thankful for it and told me he definitely felt the loved throughout his day.  I filled a box with cards, sweet notes, favorite candy, some coupons for him to cash in, framed pics etc etc.  He had a small gift to open every hour from 6:14 Am- 10:14pm.  I got several text messages through out the day as he would open up the gifts.  

Huge bummer that Valentine's ended up on a Tuesday this year.  It was one of my long days to work, Kevin had his college class he teaches that evening, all 3 of us are a bit sick and congested so yesterday wasn't how I would have liked to spend the day.  I saw Kevin for about one minute around 5 as he came to my job to pass off Dane to me so he could rush to the opposite side of Houston to continue teaching and then he doesn't get home til around 10. He had my Valentine's present in his truck which totally made my day.  He got me some loungy hot pink "boyfriend" pants from Victoria Secret which is my true love language.  I love me some comfy loungy pants, and these were super cute from their "Pink" brand, had the word LOVE on the bootay.  Super super cute, and so comfortable and soft.  Probably be living in them every evening after getting out of my scrubs.  He also got me a gift card to Express, which is another favorite! Love that store, and gives me permission to shop! Of course, he included a sweet card from him and one from Dane.  Kevin is always SOOOO good at the words he writes in cards.  He thinks of the sweetest words to tell me how much he loves me.  oh, and Dane was super giddy to give me my present.  Like squealing and smiling from ear to ear.  love that my lil man loves presents so much.
So, after doing the exchange Dane and I were off to go on a little date. I had asked Dane the night before if he wanted to go on a date with me for Valentine's Day. He nodded and said "I think we should go get chicken nuggets" Then said "we going on a date like Mater did"  
So funny. 
Off to chick fila we went. Yeah I know, so romantic.  I thought it was sweet, the workers gave me a pink rose when we walked in.  We were the only ones in the whole restaurant. I guess most people had real dinner plans.  We enjoyed a great dinner of chicken nuggetts and waffle fries.  And I let Dane play in the playground for a little while before heading home.

Excuse how disshuffled my lil man looks... needs a haircut like STAT. and we are dealing with a very chapped face around his lips from his constant runny nose he has had for several days now. It actually looks way better than it did the day before. It was Bright red all the way around his entire mouth, I guess from him licking his face bc it was chapped and dry.

he seriously looks 12 here with his hands in his pockets

We chilled the rest of the evening and watched a couple movies. I had a little Valentine present for Dane, so he was super pumped to learn that. Got him some vday candy, and actually found some boy candy like star wars and cars. Boys are hard to buy for for Vday. He also got a Paul frank pirate monkey that sings and dances a hip hop song. It's pretty funny actually, the only reason I bought it. And Dane freaking loved it. And I screwed up and got him these packets that has special paper and markers. ( Don't know how to explain it, really). But, I thought I was getting the packets that have "special" markers where they can only write on certain paper. But, I didn't...ended up with NORMAL markers that write brighter and more neon on special paper. So, not happy about that, because I can't trust Dane yet with real markers. I was really wanting markers that he can play with when I'm not around not having to be psycho watching him and worry about what piece of furniture will get wrote on.
Anywho... he loved his present, so I guess that's what really matters.

Dane's school is having parent night out this coming Friday, so we plan on putting him in that so Kevin and can go have a nice dinner and see the movie The Vow in honor of V-day.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

maybe a new bed wasn't necessary...

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since he is sleeping in the same amount of room as the toddler bed

Sunday, February 12, 2012

This and That

We have been pretty lazy today. I've watched a couple movies while Dane has been napping in his new BIG bed. (more on that later).  Dane is a little under the weather with a nose that is just nasty and won't stop running, so we have been taking it easy today trying to get him healthy.   And he has actually been silent in his room for about 2 1/2 hrs now.  Put it in the record book.  

Another weekend has come and gone.  I'm trying to enjoy the last few hours of this Sunday without letting myself get into the weekday blues. 
Before I get into our weekend...
Just a Random comment
So this balloon that we got Dane for his birthday party is still standing strong! It's been in his bedroom since his party, and it's just as full of air as it was the day of his party.  Best $8 ever spent, I guess. 

oh, and if you are wondering... I've given up on the Feb. photo a day challenge. Yeah, I'm over it.  Just don't feel like taking pics of buttons, and strangers, and something the color blue etc.  Ha 


So, Friday evening we did what we always do and ate Mexican food.  We always eat out on Friday nights, and 9 1/2 times out of 10 we eat Mexican.  Probably because I crave Mexican food every single day, so Kevin knows by Friday it's a must! Ha We have our 2 favorites in Cypress that get rotated, and then we have a couple favorites in the Houston area that gets in the rotation as well.
Of course, queso was involved. I tend to get the same 2 things every time I eat Mexican food.  I'm a little picky making sure I get exactly how I order something.  Like if you put refried beans on my plate I can guarantee that the plate will be sent back.  Makes me gag thinking about it.  Kevin loves to change it up and try new things on the menu.  I like to stick to what I know!  As long as the kids menu has grilled cheese, quesadillas, or chicken nuggets then we are good with the little man eating. 

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Saturday morning I got my craft on and did a little V-Day project for my man.  Yes, I'm that cheesy girl who makes stuff for her man and does sentimental stuff.  It's the only day this kind of stuff is acceptable. HaHa  So, I'm looking forward to Kevin getting into his truck Tuesday morning and seeing this box full of cheesy valentine's every hour. (I don't think he will get on here and read my blog the next few days, so no worries).  He teaches his College Night class on Tuesday nights,so I really won't even see him but for a few minutes this Valentine's Day. :(  I'll spending the evening with my little valentine, but at least Kev will feel loved throughout the day.  

Saturday afternoon we celebrated Sophia's bday.  Her party was suppose to be last weekend, but she came down with strep and her party had to be rescheduled.  She had a Minnie Mouse party.  Can't believe that our babies are 4.  Hard to believe.  

such a cute cake! And yummy too!

Dane is obsessed to put it lightly over Zach's DS game system.  He literally held onto it the entire time we were at the Gonzalez house. Zach is real sweet, and lets him play with it. 

Always a pinata at the Gonzalez parties... this year was the quickest pinata breaking of all times.  Zach was first up, and he broke it with the 1st swing. The kids ran over and got candy, and then Sophie got a swing and that was it.  The pinata was done.  lol It was freezing outside, so none of the kids seemed to be bothered by how quick it was broken. 

Sweet Sophia!
Dane singing Happy Birthday... with the DS glued to his hand

Christy set up the photo booth for some fun times with Minnie Ears.  Dane actually really liked doing this.  


We FINALLY ordered the bed rails that extends Dane's toddler bed into a full sized bed.  We have been meaning to do this for a while, and we kept forgetting.  But, we finally got it yesterday.  Dane still fits fine in the toddler bed, but he is getting pretty big for it.  So, it's def time.  I mean he is 4 now.  He was super pumped to get a BIG bed.  It wasn't as easy putting it together as we thought.  Making it into a toddler bed from the baby crib was a piece of cake, but the directions weren't great for the big bed and they didn't send the right size screws for part of it.  But, it's done and Dane was super pumped to have several pillows on his bed, saying that they were for all his friends. :) He looks so little in this giant bed. 
And, it definitely makes his room look smaller, so I may have to rearrange his dresser and book shelves to make more room.  He went looking for all his stuffed animals to fill up the bed.  He kept saying "Oh I love my new bed. And my new blanket and I love that I get to sleep on top of Spider Man".  Cracking up.  Thanks Mom for the new bedding, and Tabitha for the new Spider man sheets and pillow cases. 
And I guess he really does love the new BIG bed, because he took a 3 hour nap!!  WOOHOO!

Need to get a bed skirt ASAP.  Totally forgot until we were making the bed.  So, that's on the agenda this week! So excuse the mattress showing.

That's all folks