Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bath Time--Party for 1

Just a little 4 minute video of what happens during bath time around here. 
Little man could seriously hang out in the tub for hours if we let him. I mean we have to seriously threaten to get the spanking spoon most nights to get him to pull the plug and stand up.  He loves to pretend he is sticky and not able to stand up while in the tub.  He will say things like "I'm so sticky, there's no way I can get out" or "sorry, I'm stuck in here" and then will pretend he can't lift his arms or legs like he is super glued to the bottom of the tub.  
Oh Bath time. 
I can seriously watch a whole DVRed show while he just hangs out, and not even feel guilty.   
It's his time to reflect. And make up songs.  And make his super heroes fight or save the day. And pretend his hands are people. 
He's loud. He cracks himself up. He LOVES to look at himself in the silver plate under the facet... remember these pics And he is a pro at flooding the bathroom floor.  

So, the other night he was just a talking and Kevin was about to walk in there to see what exactly he was doing when I said GRAB THE VIDEO! So we videoed him for a good 10 minutes without him even knowing.  (And just for those who will write me that I should be sitting right next to him while he takes a bath so he doesn't drown... he takes a bath in our big tub, and I sit on our bed right next to the bathroom and watch tv.  I can see him from my bed... and not only that he is a CHATTER BOX, so he is talking the entire time he is in the tub, so there are no worries)

Anyway... this video is kind of long.  But, if you can make it to the end "Congratulations", but it will be WORTH IT.  You will hear me start to crack up.  
There's a couple moments in this video that for a second I think he just might break out into a rap song.  And there's a moment I think... he could be a Broadway star.  Talking then breaking into a song!   
We videoed a good 25 minutes off and on the last 2 days, but I cut it down to a smaller video.  You can thank me later.

And you will see something on his right hand... yeah it's a temporary tattoo from his party that he decided that he had to have on SUNDAY! yeah... 3 baths later and it's still there!! I think I need to send a note to his teacher at school that he has in fact had several baths... I'm concerned she might think he hasn't had a bath in days since the tattoo is still there!!! Mental note... no more temporary tattoos until, um never.


Curly Girl Confessions said...

That's hilarious!!!

Christy said...

He could soo be a rapper!! Too cute!
Um, yeah... those tattoos... so don't want to come off!! Lol!